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Stop the PJTTF - Write A Letter

We need to do everything in our power to stop the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force, up for renewal this week. Here's a sample letter and where to send it.
Here is my own letter to commissioners regarding
upcoming Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force. Please
write your own and send to the following addresses by
Thursday Sept 19, 2 PM.


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September 16, 2002

Mayor Katz
Commissioner Sten
Commissioner Saltzman
Commissioner Francesconi

Dear Mayor and Commissioners:

The Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force is conducting
a modern-day witch hunt in the name of fighting
terrorism. Four environmental activists with
histories of non-violent civil disobedience are facing
80 years in prison for an arson that destroyed logging
equipment worth $50,000. A well-respected Somali
Muslim leader has been arrested and held without bail
for charges of Social Security fraud and possessing a
government document. Upon examination of the cases,
it becomes clear that the PJTTF is using trumped up
charges to justify its own existence and to instill
fear in the populations affected by the arrests,
namely Muslims, Arabs, and environmental activists.

It is disgraceful to witness how the media has tried,
judged, and hung Sheikh Mohammed literally by placing
his face next to "suspected terrorists" with
absolutely no proof of any terrorist crime. Our
leaders should be speaking out against these obvious
acts of hate speech and racist profiling, and yet
there is silence and complicity.

This is reminiscent of the rise of fascism, not a
democratic society. You are an elected official who
answers to the people. People are not terrorists
simply because the PJTTF says so. There must be
proof, and there is a profound and frightening lack of
accountability or transparency in these "terrorist"

You have a chance to make history by standing up to
the FBI and declaring that Portland police will not
participate in the PJTTF because it places them in the
position of violating the Oregon Constitution (ORS
181.575 and ORS 181.010). Furthermore, by withdrawing
support for the renewal, you will send a clear message
that the intimidation tactics of the PJTTF are not
acceptable in a city that prides itself on community
involvement and sustainable development.

It is incumbent upon you, as an elected representative
of the people, to vote with the people of Portland and
"Just Say No" to the erosion of civil liberties in our
own city.

As you are well aware, it only takes one vote to make
a huge impact.

Since you mentioned fascism... 17.Sep.2002 14:32


You are aware there was a 45 minute hearing in February 1993 on whether the City of Portland should openly declare itself a police state based stuff affable fascist Katz had already put in place?

please write! 17.Sep.2002 14:38

community activist

if you can't show up to the PJTTF hearing on Thursday, PLEASE send emails to the folks above AND call. we've gotta let 'em know their fascism has no place in progressive PDX. they've already got 40-50 feds here stirring up trouble (not fighting terrorism -- they're here to crack down on dissent) and the heat we've all been feeling lately (grand jury subpeonas, frivolous felonies, etc.) will only get worse. we are fighting for our rights to be active citizens. let's set an example for the rest of the country!