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I'm voting for Cliff Walker, not Christian Gunther

Wish progressives could unite.
It's so disappointing--white liberals are probably split between Christian Gunther and Serena Cruz, labor is backing Randy Leonard, and many African Americans support Cliff Walker. If these groups could unite behind one candidate--or god forbid--an independent political party or platform, some real good stuff might happen at city hall. Instead we get the usual bullshit from former liberals Vera Katz and Eric Sten.

In looking at the voter's pamphlet, Cliff Walker stands out for me. He's the only person talking about police accountability and other important issues, while Christian Gunther only says this about the police: "more community policing". Pretty disappointing from the candidate who Indymedia posters seem all hot and bothered about. His statement in the voter's guide is all about making Portland an important center for the arts. It's not that I hate art or anything, but that is not something I'm too concerned about when we have a police force that is into pepper spraying babies, a city council that's about to renew the FBI-police joint spying disaster, and a mayor who rams through laws criminalizing homelessness. Christian Gunther may be saying different things elsewhere, but back when folks wrote stuff for the voter's guide, Cliff Walker clearly stands out as the only progressive candidate. In addition, he represents and has tons of support from people of color.
Gunther has nothing about cops on his website 17.Sep.2002 12:30

me again

I just looked at Christian Gunther's website. Still nothing about police brutality/accountability.

I'm definitely going with Clifford Walker.

I Saw This 17.Sep.2002 13:01


I checked Gunther's site and found this:

"Demand full accountability from the leadership and commanding officers of our Police Bureau"

I don't know much about Walker. What else do you like about his platform/approach? (Not too late to change my mind.) I support Gunther's platform, but his web site looks like an audition for G.Q.. He may be a bit slick for my taste.

Serena Cruz is a namby-pamby idiot 17.Sep.2002 13:06


When has Serena Cruz EVER taken a position on ANYTHING? All her voter pamphlet statements are "on the one hand this, on the other hand that" and "we should study it".

um, hel-LOOO... 17.Sep.2002 15:27


Gunther made a very strong speech at the protest against police brutality at City Hall on 9/4. HE WAS THERE. WERE YOU??

Next time try getting some facts before you spout off.

Spouting off 17.Sep.2002 15:53


Maybe you should try reading my post before you spout off. I based my comments on the candidates WRITTEN STAEMENTS in the voter's guide, and on Gunther's website and wrote "Christian Gunther may be saying different things elsewhere".

And no, I was not at the "protest" against police brutality at city hall (which I thought was more of a press conference and announcement of a lawsuit) but I'm glad Gunther was. But just showing up and speaking at one event does not mean too much, especially when there is almost NOTHING in his written campaign material on this issue. I would like to know what else Gunther has done on this issue.

In terms of Clifford Walker, his statement has a lot about police accountability, HIV/AIDS, decriminalization of marijuana, and other issues that are pretty progressive (and probably kind of risky to actually get concrete about in the voters' guide).

Sorry, I don't have the guide in front of me--I'm sure you can find it online, and I encourage folks to compare Gunther's and Walker's statements there.

Cool! 18.Sep.2002 02:47


I appreciate the thoughtful comparison of Walker and Gunther, even though it's based only on the written statements. Also, thanx to the people who expanded on the information. All in all, this dialogue was constructive. It would be nice to see more of this.

Yep. 18.Sep.2002 10:38

Robin Canaday

Yeah, I voted for Walker too...

Gunther just seems too pie in the sky to me...