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Mossad Death Squad Reborn

Real terrorists now have mobile hit men. The article says mideast, the quotes say abroad. At home, genocide and humiliation continue. Here's a tid bit
The ruling tribe are the ashkenazi.
Mossad Death Squad Reborn
Mossad Death Squad Reborn
War crimes daily, sadistic and senseless. Because they have 90% of us believing the poor us story, and hide behind the blame they lay on a nearly defenseless people. A modern military vs. pedestrians with rocks and homemade weapons. The best propaganda can still hide that discrepency. Steal their land and put them in camps and expect what?? The list of atrocitys is sickening.
Ask most anyone and they hate palestians. Why? because they fight back? What would you do?? Before you answer that spend some time seeing through the bullshit. These reprobates are going to drag us into ww3. They may be your ally but they aren't mine.

Sep. 17, 2002
Report:Dagan to reactivate hit squad

LONDON Newly apppointed Mossad chief Meir Dagan is planning to reactivate a special operations unit, code named Caesarea, to target the commanders, controllers, and financiers of terrorist groups throughout the Middle East, the London Sunday Times reports.

Quoting sources close to the Mossad, the paper said Islamic extremists abroad will become as vulnerable as those in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

"There is no reason why we should not do the same abroad. They will have nowhere to hide," said one source who is said to be familiar with Dagan's plans for the Mossad.

"Gone are the days of black-tie parties around the globe and fat expense accounts," he said. "Whatever we can't shoot will be closed down."

The source said Dagan's regime will "trim years of useless fat and rebuild the famous Mossad muscles. We have a war to win and there's no reason why the Abdullahs and Muhammads in Damascus, Teheran, and Beirut should sleep better than their brothers in Gaza."

The paper reported that Dagan is particularly determined to resurrect the reputation of the Caesarea Squad, which suffered a major setback following the abortive attempt to kill Hamas official Khaled Mashaal in Amman five years ago.

The squad is said to have been responsible for hunting down Adolf Eichmann in 1960 and eliminating the Palestinian terrorists who were responsible for planning and executing the 1972 Munich Olympic massacre, which resulted in the deaths of 11 Israeli athletes.

According to the Sunday Times report, the squad comprises no more than 30 individuals, all former commandos, who are considered the "elite of the elite" of Israel's security services.

The report adds that all are fluent in a foreign language, their faces are never exposed even to other Mossad employees and they often live as "sleepers" in the foreign capitals to which they are assigned.

Many receive no orders during a four-year tour of duty, "but when the command comes, action is immediate, be it the hiring of a vehicle for a secret commando operation or the assassination of a local target," said the paper.

Former Caesarea member Mishka Ben-David was quoted by the paper as saying only one in a thousand applicants to the Mossad receives an offer; only one in a hundred who graduates from the three-year Mossad cadet course is judged suitable for the Caesarea Squad "and during an operation in a foreign city, only one of the five to ten people on the ground does the hit."

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is reportedly confident that Dagan will deal effectively with Israel's enemies abroad, and the paper quoted an insider as saying: "The Sharon-Dagan team will be the terrorists' nightmare."