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Thoreauvian Revolution: No more taxes!

It's not about race, or gender, or beliefs. It is about the poor vs. the rich
To denounce the Mexican War in 1846, Henry Thoreau refused to pay his Massachusetts poll tax. For the next 6 years, he continued to refuse allegiance to the state which, directly and indirectly, supported slavery and the Mexican War. His thoughts are outlined in his essay, "Civil Disobedience."
With the horns of war blowing loudly in the currents today, I believe that we can all take part in, what Martin Luther King described as militant peaceful protest, by following Thoreau's lead. This requires no gathering organization which can be broken by the powers that be. It is the strength of individuals united with other individuals. When the tax forms come this winter, fill them out to figure your part. If you find that you are to recieve a refund, then send it in. However, if you find that you owe the government money this year, simply do not file. It is your money, and you only need to look around to see what it is spent on.
Feel not bad for doing this, large corporations have paid little tax and mega corporations pay, usually, no tax. This has been the case throughout history. GM has played the books so much that the government owes them money each year, during times of record profits (and layoffs) for them. If you refuse to pay your taxes this year (and any coming years) what this will constitute is a class dispute. While the top 1% ownes 40% of the country's wealth, they only constitute 10% of the tax revenue. I am sure than most all of the indymedia readers are not in this class.
Let us take our chance to protest the coming war by refusing to pay for it and at the same time, begin the struggle of the lower classes against the parasitic practices of the upper class. Pay no taxes.
A Better Idea! 17.Sep.2002 12:02

mr. fairness

I have a better Idea. We really do need clean water and clean air and good schools, too. Lets make the corporations pay their fair share. The last 20 years has seen a shift in who pays taxes, and the corps (the rich) have managed to shift the tax burden away from themselves and onto ordinairy working people like you and me. Lets make 'em pay their fair share. No more free trade zones, no more exemptions from property taxes, and no more hiding their profits oversees. No More Corporate Welfare. WE DEMAND THAT CORPORATIONS PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE!!! Now thats the kind of tax revolt we need!!!!!!

I agree with that. 17.Sep.2002 12:40


I'm all for taxes. And shared resources. It's only intelligent.

Not so intelligent with looters in charge 18.Sep.2002 22:48


and i'm not just talking about republicans. no time to expand responsibly now, but i'd like to mention a piece of information a tax protestor relayed to me: that our phone taxes (on our bills) all go to the war. any verification or refutation of that "fact" would be helpful.