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How does one contact the Portland IMC anyway?

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I recently read your article about Free Geek and the building of computers to be sent to Ecuador for
activists there. I wanted information on whether or not there are groups similar to Free Geek in
NY City because I have computer equipment to donate and i think its a great idea.

I emailed the contact address given and got a response that my 'post' was awaiting approval
because I want a member of the list serve.Why are you listing a private list serve as
a contact address? I would like someone from PDX IMC (maybe the poster of the article-Deva I beleive)
to post a response to my query if possible. I would appreciate it. Also, if there is a better email address
for PDX IMC, than please post it.
Thanks a lot!
here's an address 18.Sep.2002 03:01

probably too late

Here is an email from the site that I have used with good results in the past: