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"WING" - World Internet News Group

From Babel Magazine, an outline starting a massive movement. Take action and spread this document EVERYWHERE.
"WING" - World Internet News Group (update)
by Victor Thorn

Everyone has heard the saying, "Information is power." But this adage is only true when followed by ACTION. In other words, we can fill our heads with knowledge about everything from Afghanistan to the Bilderbergs, but if we don't ACT upon this information, what good is it? None. It's similar to finding a secret map directing you to a field of gold, or finding a cure for cancer. If you don't follow through on either of them, what changes will result? None. Thus, I'm going to bring some stark realities to the table in this essay, and also update and clarify some of the issues originally put forth in my initial proposal, "The Revolution Will Be Televised," which can be found at:  http://www.victorthorn.com/babel/issue66/revolution.html.

Before doing so, though, I want to make one thing very clear. As it stands now, if we keep doing exactly what all of us have been doing for the past few months or years, I guarantee you that very little will change for the better. Can you hear what I'm saying? We know that there were very influential people that had foreknowledge of the 9-11 terrorist attacks, and that the Federal Reserve System is not in the average American's best interest. But if we don't do anything to act upon this information, in the year 2003, 2005, or 2009, we'll be in exactly the same predicament as we're in now, or more likely; one that is significantly worse. I GUARANTEE this!

Someone may argue, "That's not true. We're really getting the word out via the Internet." I hate to disagree, but the reality of the situation is this - we're NOT getting the word out to enough people. How do I know so? Well, last week I did an informal survey. Being that I meet hundreds of different people from all walks of life on a weekly basis, I decided to see how many of these folks were aware of a single online news service - Rense.com. Over a two day period I asked approximately 50 different people one simple question - "Have you ever heard of a website called Rense.com?" Guess how many people were familiar with it. ZERO! Now don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to pick on Jeff Rense. That's the least of my intentions. Hell, Rense.com pulls seven million hits a month, and is one of the leading sources of alternative news on the Web. But I'm sorry to say that except for us "in the cyber-world know," the word isn't getting out to the rest of society. The mainstream corporate media still has a stranglehold on the minds of most everyday citizens, and they're continuing their conditioning on a daily basis. And do you know why the mainstream media remains so successful at what they're doing? Because they're organized; and we're not. That's the key, and there's no getting around it.

What I'm trying to say is as such. Passing around articles on all these various news groups keeps us informed, but it's not enough. The material is fantastic, and every person behind the scenes of these various groups and sites is remarkable in their efforts, but we're not getting the word out on a wide enough basis. This has to change, for what is the ultimate purpose behind this flow of vital information? It's to hopefully make the world a better place and to lessen the Controllers evil grip over it. And I know there are multitudes of people out there who are frustrated, angry, and dissatisfied with our current political situation because I've read their e-mail. On the other hand, these same people are also filled with hope that we CAN make a difference. But to do so requires more effort than we're currently exerting. We need to get organized, and we need to take action. It's either that, or lay down and play dead so that the New World Order can steamroll over us. We have to ask ourselves, is this what we want, or are we willing to fight for what we believe in?

Before I move on to the meat-and-potatoes of this article, I want to first explain one aspect of how this information will be presented. As I said earlier, we received an overwhelming amount of e-mail here at Babel Magazine over the past few weeks. After compiling all the information contained in them, I was faced with a dilemma - should I let everyone know where this information came from or not? I mean, not only did I get scores of letters from everyday people, but also from those who run publishing companies, actual newsstand magazines, those who operate websites, newsletters, financial sites, and online magazines. After thinking long and hard about this touchy subject, I decided to present this information to you in a way that protects everyone's identity.

Please understand why. First and foremost, I did not do so because of fear. Right now I'd like to sign my name to this movement like John Hancock did to the Declaration of Independence - in HUGE, BOLD LETTERS. If we're going to challenge the elitists who call the shots in this world, we'll need to stand up to them. I can honestly say that I don't hold one ounce of fear in regard to them, and if they see that there are thousands and millions more who are willing to stand-up, then things will begin to change. The reason, then, that I chose to present this information in an "anonymous" format was simple - I wanted to preserve the free-flow of information (as much as that is possible with programs such as Carnivore in existence) without someone worrying that they're going to get "fingered" or "strong-armed." So, before moving on, I'd like to thank everyone who contacted us, and also extend my gratitude for your kind words of encouragement. With enthusiasm and belief like what I've seen in these e-mail; I know we can forge ahead and succeed. Also, I extend my deepest thank you to everyone who put the word out on their websites or in their newsletters. Much appreciated. And last but not least, I'd like to thank Lisa Guliani, who tirelessly compiled our mailing list and who has done some excellent research. She's a fighter, and isn't afraid of a damn thing in the world. We need more people like her on our side!

General Comments

What I'm first going to do is relay some of the feedback that we've received here at Babel Magazine, then some of your thoughts on the concept of "taking action." This will be followed by the main areas of concern regarding my original proposal. And I'll be the first to admit that I had been wrong about a few crucial aspects when I first addressed this notion of organizing all the independent news sources. But instead of trying to 'snow' you or string a line of b.s., I'll simply admit my oversights, then present your solutions to them. For in the end, that's one of the greatest benefits we'll enjoy by coming together - a massive influx of opinions that will ultimately strengthen the overall whole.

Anyway, here are three general comments regarding the concept of an organized, alternative news group outlined in "The Revolution Will Be Televised":

1) "I have been aware that the Internet is probably the solution and our salvation. However, this is the first time that I have seen such a comprehensive proposal as to how this can be accomplished."
2) "I am behind you 100%. You are absolutely correct about the media. There are thousands just waiting for the time to become active. This will gain momentum - the time is now."
3) "I recently found your website through chains of other websites. Quite simply, your essay was incredibly articulate and well-written. I'm so convinced you're telling the truth."

Another comment came from someone that runs a popular Internet radio show. She summed up my sentiments exactly by saying, "Too many people are sitting back doing nothing. ORGANIZATION IS A NECESSITY."

Another individual that hosts a financial website weighed in by commenting, "The words that have the most effect have been the ones relating to taking action ... reading, tapping the desk, huffing, puffing, and publishing great books only go so far." He continues, "The secret is: from THOUGHT to WORD, and from WORD to ACTION." This person also realizes, though, that the forces we're going up against are formidable. "We are dealing with the most ruthless people on earth ... and as such every move has to be calculated." This opinion is backed up by a man who runs a great online news site. "At least the fight between good and evil is out in the open now."

So, even though there exist a wide-array of support from many different factions, after compiling all the information from your e-mail, I realized that there were five primary areas of hesitance in regard to moving forward with this concept. These are addressed below.

1) A Centralized Server

By and far the biggest protest to my "Revolution" article was that of a centralized server, and with good reason. All of us have to deal with Internet problems on an ongoing basis, but a communal server is not the solution by a long-shot. Rather, a better alternative is a HUB site that is mirrored by other like sites and which links to every other member site. Thus, the key is to develop a strong focal site with mirrors located at various points around the world. Then, if one site goes down, another comes up immediately. Or, as one person wrote, "The whole point of the Internet with server variety in various locations is survivability of service/communication. Put all the 'alternatives' in one location and you no longer have alternatives in case of attack/failure. Organize by sharing links, not servers."

A book publisher very interested in this idea sums up the concept of mirror sites perfectly. "The news server should be set up on several servers throughout the world, with a server system that links servers and also links to other participating websites. So, if one is taken down, one of the linking 'brothers and sisters' can immediately be up and running within seconds."

An individual who runs one of my favorite online news services took it one step further. "With high bandwidth you could do "TV" news over the Internet, and that is really what we need. It would have to be decentralized, though. You can't have it with a single server farm that the Gestapo can come and take away. It would have to be mirrored, possibly in several states, or even several countries. It would have to be such that if one farm was yanked it would still stay on the "air." It could be set up so that individual reporters could come in on video-cam live from anywhere in the world - from home, a studio, or from a satellite feed."

This person does say, though, that the first step should be to establish a headline news network, then develop an Internet radio show, followed by our entrance into "TV" news.

What, you may ask, will this HUB network site entail? What will it be? Well, the above-mentioned publisher, who sees this idea as a "dream come true" for the American people, has written quite extensively on the subject. Below are some of her thoughts.

She sees this centralized HUB gathering site as, "A loose confederation of Internet websites with the common goal of delivering authentic news by reliable reporters and analysts and promoting each other's newsletter subscriptions and information products (books, CD's, videos, audio tapes, DVD's, etc) by reporters, writers, and other professionals who wish to share their information, analysis, and interpretations with the largest audience possible."

Thus, we should, "Network all newsletters and information products among all members," while the mission and method of operation should be, "To support each others website business and personnel in keeping their sites secure from hacking and other forms of external attack that will cause them to be removed from the Internet." But, to ease everyone's feelings of being swallowed-up, she adds, "Each website is AUTONOMOUS. The only indicator that it belongs would be a logo or link that appears somewhere on that website."

The editor of a well-known ink-on-paper magazine chimed in with a well-reasoned insight into the links page. He suggests that it be organized by subject category, and not one that reflects division, such as left/right, etc. In other words, the primary goal is to get as many people as possible to the main site, then encourage them to explore the links page, where each site can disseminate in more depth information that is censored or ignored by the mainstream media.

In this vein, the HUB site will be more of an organizational and action-oriented area than a daily news vehicle, because, in all honesty, the sites currently performing these services are doing a phenomenal job. Of course the HUB will have daily news updates, but I envision its focus being more to get people rallied-together and give them the big picture in regard to world events. Plus, once we get people to this HUB, we have the increasingly greater potential to become a self-contained system where people can become more familiar with the products offered by each member on the links page. When viewed in this light, it's easy to see how beneficial this option is to every affiliate member. People often ask me, "Where can I find the same books and videos that you get?" Well, now the answer is simple. Everything will be contained on the links page in one easy-to-find place. Rather than doing frustrating searches on a variety of search engines, everything is right here.

So, what we'll have here is a "starting point" - a gathering site with links to all who belong - that focuses on the "big picture." A woman who maintains an online news site reinforced this angle by saying, "This is an area that I would see as having great potential. Some type of activist-network: a way of disseminating information on urgent issues, and giving people an easy way to take action."

2) Independence

One of the other areas of contention revolved around existing websites and newsletters being "edged-out," but that is the least of our intentions. The founder of a wildly popular news site spoke out on this issue. "There are many fiercely independent journalists who will not take kindly to joining a group and having the potential of doctrine/rules forced on them." He continued, "On the other hand, your points in favor of forming an organization are strong. Unfortunately, most alternate news sites are basically reposting services, and these people will be faced with giving up their livelihoods, if you follow my drift."

Thus, two points are being raised:

a) The fear of being organized versus independent
b) Having one's toes stepped on

But as I said earlier, each site will remain completely AUTONOMOUS, and free to continue operating as they always have. Each site is already doing a great job. That's not where the problem lies. Instead, it goes back to the same concept - we're not organized, and thus have no clout. This HUB will instead become a "starting point" where each reader will then be encouraged to check out all the others for news, reports, analysis, and other areas of interest such as online radio shows, etc. We're not here to threaten anyone's "bread and butter." Instead, our hope is that we can spread the word much further than we currently are, thus drawing more people to ALL of our sites. In this way, everyone remains completely independent other than belonging to a core group of like-minded individuals who have become disillusioned with the corporate-controlled mainstream media, and the politicians who aren't acting with our best interests in mind.

3) Infilatration

The most pronounced fears of all the feedback that I received revolved around the possibility that this "movement" could be infiltrated by the Controllers. It truly showed how much ALL OF US distrust those in positions of power in this country. If these responses are any indicator of how we view our government, it should be reason enough to move ahead with these plans, because as it stands now, we don't trust them at all - not as far as we can throw them!

This reaction is reflected in a statement provided by someone who runs a UK news group. "Don't fall into the same 'divide and conquer' traps that the corporate media conditions us to engage in."

I've voiced this same concern in pointing out how the media constantly gets us to go at each other by highlighting stories that focus on race, class, gender, party or religion. But if we started directing our energy to SOLUTIONS rather than allowing them to make us fight with each other, we'd be a helluva lot further along than we are right now. And here's where we hit the CRUX of the issue - rather than allowing the Controllers to determine the content of what the public digests, why don't WE step forward and replace them!

Still, a woman who runs an excellent website points out that we must be constantly weary of the powers-that-be. She wrote, "I have wanted to do this for a long-time, but I know only too well that the government sends in agents to destroy every attempt like this. That is why I have stayed separated for so long."

I fully understand her concerns, but we've got to reach a point where we'll no longer allow them to keep us off-balance and unorganized. We need to come together, but with an ever-present vigilance that won't allow us to fall prey as did other groups before us. Instead of being "divided and conquered," we need for once to join as a cohesive whole and stand strong against the spooks and agent-provocateurs.

4) Money

Invariably, one of the most seductive techniques that the Controllers use to lure away or corrupt good people is via money. Yes; that age-old old trick. To our credit, though, most of us are aware of this scheme, which puts us one step ahead of the game.

This concept of selling-out for a few pieces of silver was echoed by an individual who said, "I thought a great deal about a lot of folks until I realized that they all had the same goal ... make the money and screw the rest ... they started telling lies for the money."

There ya have it, folks. How much plainer and clearer could it be? I can't speak for anybody else's motives, but I'm going to go on record right now and say that the last reason I'm proposing a network to bring us all together is for the money. We've been running Babel Magazine for over a year and a half now, and have not accepted one penny to help defray costs. We've been offered advertising money, and have flatly turned it down. We don't foresee taking any in the future, either.

In other words, I'm not here to get rich. What I want to do is have all of us join together and make a stand against those who are deliberately undermining this fine country (and those people from other nations with similar views). If financial prosperity were my main goal, I would have quit after day one.

A previously mentioned woman who operates an Internet news site is on the same page. "In my heart I know what you are saying is correct. But I also know how easy it is to subvert an organization once they have come together. It is hard to herd cats, they are too independent. But if you walk down the street with a basket of fresh fish you will have every cat on the block following you! I have always thought of us as a bunch of independent cats! My question is: how do we retain our independence, BUT join with other equally independent cats? Since I fully expect that a government goon with a fresh fish basket will try to lead the parade, how do we keep the best and brightest from succumbing to their tried and true 'come on' --- flattery with the offer of money!!! Once you have accepted the money and learned how nice it is to live at the level their money allows you to live ... you are theirs forever!!"

A man affiliated with a software design firm who contacted us had these thoughts. "Your ideas are grand, and I believe achievable. The only danger I see is that the bigger such a venture becomes, the more it would attract would-be money-makers and profiteers. If it is in any way a financial operation, then I and most of my visitors would steer clear for fear of external influence. One way of remaining genuine is to NEVER allow advertisements from any outside source that is not directly part of the organization. NEVER allow banner ads and irrelevant pop-ups and banal sales gimmicks to come anywhere near any of the pages."

I couldn't agree more wholeheartedly. Two of the more distinct ways the Controllers yield their influence over the mainstream media is via 1) direct ownership, and 2) advertising. Neither will be allowed on this site!

5) Negativity

Luckily, only a small percentage of the feedback we received was actually hostile and negative. One example was, "So many Americans are so deeply asleep to the truth that it will take something of Monumental Proportions to awaken them."

My only question is, do we want to wait for this catastrophic event to happen before we become aware (at which time it will already be too late), or do we want to organize and act first and quite possibly prevent it from happening? Anyone can be overwhelmingly negative, but from my perspective, isn't it more beneficial and promising if we look at the positives of what we can accomplish?

A woman e-mailed us with the same outlook. "Might I offer that I believe your project will go way better if you insist upon a positive force in all ways - focusing on what builds rather than what tears down."


Rallying the News Organizations and Website Owners

If we're in agreement that to be successful with this endeavor we need to spread the word far-and-wide to everyday people, the first step in this process is for every alternative news organization, news oriented site, and e-mail newsletter operator to pass the word along to their readers. I mean, the mainstream media isn't going to help us, so it's up to each and every one of us to lend our support. It's imperative that we reach every person possible. If the alternative, or NEW MEDIA, doesn't spread the word and report this story to its readers, what does that make them akin to? You got it - the mainstream media!

Proving how far the word has already spread, a woman from Australia says in no uncertain terms, "My challenge (if I may be so bold) would be for you to tell them [Orlin, Rense, RMN, FTW, etc.] to PERSONALLY STAND UP AND HELP MAKE A STAND TOGETHER, because together we have all the best resources."

I second her motion 100%! It's crucial that the above-mentioned entities, plus all the others, band together as one. And, as many people reminded me, this isn't merely a cause for the United States. Hell no. As evidenced by the e-mail we've received worldwide after my first article appeared, this is an undertaking that involves everyone who's sick and tired of the same old status quo shenanigans. At this point we need to do away with silly notions such as ego, who's "king of the hill," whose toes might get stepped on, and what's best solely for their SELF. Right now we need to focus on a much more important goal - rescuing the world from the Controller's tyranny.

A Midwest researcher is on the same wavelength, for he wrote very loudly-and-clearly, "You guys are the real deal. There's too many clowns with the proper catch phrases and the proper attitude to pass themselves off as warriors for the cause when in reality they turn it on and off when it serves their purpose. Most of these characters stuck flags on their SUV's and called it a day! You guys do the right thing when nobody is looking, ya know what I mean? That separates you from the 'actors'."

It's time to start examining this situation and determining who is for REAL, and who isn't. Another individual from an online news site reinforced this view by commenting, "The enemy of the American people is the media because they scream the loudest for freedom of the press, yet they only print what they are told to print."

I guess it all boils down to this - what do we stand for? Are we the REAL THING, or simply POSEURS? Do we want to join together and work our asses off to make the world a better place, or are we willing to keep doing what we've been doing and let the status quo power-mongers keep screwing things up? As Ken Kesey used to say, "You're either on the bus or off the bus." This is a vibrant, worthwhile endeavor done for all the right reasons. If we don't take ACTION very soon, it's going to be too late.

Future Plans

Now that we've taken a look at some of the misgivings people had in regard to this endeavor (and hopefully allayed their fears in the process), the next question is: WHAT PRECISELY DO WE WANT TO ACCOMPLISH beyond the dissemination of information? To move forward, we need a simple, direct plan of action that everyday people can relate to. So, what should we do?

One person said, "First action: a name. Get something going that will become a byword and catch everyone's coattails." In my last update I suggested the name WING (World Independent News Group), but this is still open to suggestions. By all means forward your ideas to us.

Another person wrote about our need to attract those outside of our cyber-sphere. "Converting mainstream people will require mainstream TV. The converts are already online." The primary roadblock to 'mainstream TV' is a little agency called the FCC that the Controllers use to keep their iron-grip on the boob tube. In essence, 'regulation' is a form of control that rarely gets mentioned in anyone's censorship lists. But now that we have the Internet and technological breakthroughs on a weekly basis, we can circumvent their limitations.

Anyway, let's get back to the original question: what do we want to do? Here is a list of suggested short-term and long-term goals:

Short-Term Goals

--- Develop a brand-new action/news site that will serve as a HUB or gathering point for all the independent news groups and online political sites where readers are encouraged to explore the links for every affiliate member. The greatest benefit to each member is that they can update visitors to the site on a continual basis as to new products, newsletters, or breaking information. A powerful tool, indeed.
--- Formulate a brief, direct charter to be posted on the site which outlines our mission.
--- Prepare a list of all participating news groups and websites who will belong to the core of this endeavor.
--- Determine who will act as "mirror" sites. (In other words, we're looking for volunteers that would like their site to be one of the mirrors.)
--- Pool our resources to get the word out about this endeavor to every other media source in the country - vitally important!
--- Decide upon the need for a group meeting.

Long-Term Goals

--- Explore the technological boundaries and create high-quality Internet radio and television shows.
--- Continued push to reach mainstream, non-Internet audiences.
--- Form a political party, with the primary goal being to get someone on the ballot in all 50 states for the office of Presidency. (This is certainly within the realm of possibility, especially with the Internet on our side.)
--- Formulate a Party platform that will insure that anyone reading it will stand-up and take notice (the mainstream media included).
--- Renew the notion of voter participation (give them HOPE again)!
--- Prevent "Votescam" from ever happening again (i.e. don't let the Controllers steal our votes as they are currently doing).
--- Inundate the corporate mainstream media with our message. With tens of thousands (even millions) of participants, they can only ignore us for so long.
--- Locate key politicians and public figures to help spread the word (Congressman Ron Paul from Texas is a fine example).


The final area of interest, of course, is the stickiest - money. No venture can get off the ground without some sort of financial foundation. My suggestions, and they are certainly open to debate, are five-fold:

a) Donations from everyday people who are tired of the current status quo system and ready for a change on the political landscape. This could be done via a simple link on the site's homepage.
b) A membership fee from all the participating "link groups" or affiliates.
c) No advertising revenue.
d) No corporate sponsors or PAC money.
e) Innovative fund raising campaigns.

This variable is open to speculation; and the one where we most need your input, suggestions, and ideas. The area we most want to stay away from is the one that corrupted the mainstream media and our current political system in the first place - the infiltration of tainted money that is used to buy people off, is used as a form of control to prevent the free-flow of information, and keeps politicians from serving US instead of their corporate interests.

What Can Everyday People Do?

One of the things that most filled me with inspiration was the volume of letters I received from everyday people who asked, "If there's anything I can do to help, let me know." Another person wrote, "DO IT DO IT DO IT - DO IT YESTERDAY!"

With that in mind, this is by far the easiest section of this article to write because there are SO MANY things that people from all walks of life can do to spread the word about our new information/action network. Before letting you know what they are, though, I'll first give you some heads-up advice on the bullshit people you shouldn't waste your time on:

i) Congressmen in Washington, D.C. - we've tried that route with our local representative, Rick Santorum, and the process ended up being a complete exercise in futility. In all honesty, the majority of these people don't give a damn about our everyday concerns. They're too worried about raising money for their next election campaign. In regard to Santorum specifically, we contacted his 'people" (God forbid we could actually speak to him directly), then four months later we received a generic form letter response that didn't even address our initial question. Forget about these people, they're nothing but a waste of time (at least for the time being).

ii) Widely recognized corporate media sources - I hate to sound less than encouraging, but the New York Times or Newsweek aren't going to publish our "letters to the editor," or lend a hand with this endeavor (again, at least for the time being).

Instead of messing around with the above entities (we can't rely on them to help us (at least initially), that's why it's so important that we take it upon ourselves). Here are some more practical steps to take in order to get the word out:

1) E-mail every person you know! If you knew how many e-mail Lisa and I send out a week, it'd astound you. And best of all, it's quick and easy. Simply cut-and-paste this link:  http://www.victorthorn.com/babel/issue71/wing2.html, or the entire article itself, along with a brief introductory note to every person you know. Then tell them (with a sense of urgency) to forward it to everyone they know. In no time, we'll have it spreading exponentially like wildfire. And if you don't hear back from some of them, e-mail them again! Remember, the key to success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. We have power in numbers, and we have to capitalize on this asset.

2) Start perusing all the different alternative online news groups and websites and see if they're carrying this story. If they are, thank and encourage them. And if they're not, e-mail and ask why they're not on board. E-mail Jeff Rense at rense.com, the American Free Press (which has 60,000+ subscribers), NewsMax.com, NPR, and the Alternative Press Review (among many others). Be urgent, polite, and persistent, but let them know in no uncertain terms that you want them to cover this story. In our next update we'll provide a list of all the groups we've contacted.

3) Join and post messages on news group bulletin boards like Yahoo, etc. The Internet is our most powerful tool, so give out the link address, then continue on and hit all the others. The more people who become aware of this groundswell of interest, the better shot we have of competing with the mainstream media to de-condition the masses.

4) Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper. This is easier than you think, and you actually have a good shot at getting it published. We've had four letters published in the last few months, and one even mentioned the "Bilderbergs" by name, and they still ran it! Just make sure you stay within the newspaper's particular guidelines (column word length, etc.), and there's a good chance you'll see your letter in print.

5) Call local radio talk shows. These are very easy to get through to, and if you're enthusiastic and polite, the host will most likely be very receptive to you. Give the listeners a brief overview of what we're trying to accomplish, and be sure to mention the link:  http://www.victorthorn.com/babel/issue71/wing2.html ..... If possible, give it out more than once, and make sure the host writes it down because listeners will invariably call the station and ask for it again.

6) Call the Art Bell Show. Art doesn't screen his calls, and if enough of us start making it clear that we want this idea discussed on the air, we'll make a HUGE SPLASH!

7) Send us a list of all the sites you visit so that we can add them to our list and contact them. The more groups we contact, the better we're able to spread the word.

8) Finally, for the more-ballsy of you out there, stage formal 'protests' at a prominent, high-traffic area of your town. Lisa and I have done this at more than one locale during the past year, and the response and visibility is incredible.

The essential keys here are simple - take action, and be persistent. E-mail everyone you know, and post messages. But don't just do it once - keep everyone updated to what's going on. And also contact sites such as Rense.com and all of the others. These groups are fantastic at spreading information, and it's imperative that they let their readers and listeners know how vital this endeavor is.

Closing Comments

Well, folks, here we are. The big question now is: are we willing to roll over and accept the status quo and say, "Oh well, things will never change. That's just the way they are. This is all too big and complicated," or are we going to fight to get our country back from the Controller's evil clutches? If you're ready to bow-down to the New World Order, there's nothing more I can say to you (except that I feel VERY sorry for you). But if you're ready to fight, become active, and participate in this endeavor, let's take it all the way! We're the only hope we have left! If we don't do it, no one will. And y'know, I'm thoroughly convinced we can be successful! But to do so, we can't keep sitting around and exchanging articles. We already know that the System is rotten. We now need to take it to the next level, then one beyond that. Get involved, and when you hit an obstacle or roadblock, bowl it over and keep going. Don't take no for an answer. Hell, if you could see how many pratfalls Lisa and I have overcome this far, it'd boggle your mind. But guess what. We're still here, we're still fighting strong, and we're NEVER GOING TO STOP!

As for those who operate online news sites and e-mail newsletters, I can only say this - we need your help in spreading the word about this endeavor. Let your readers know what we're doing, and encourage them to get involved. Your assistance is vital in making this world a better place than it currently is. And believe me; we're making a difference, as one woman noted. "We (the independents) are already having various effects on the mainstream. Many stories that create a buzz in the underground circles are picked up by the mainstream outlets much faster than ever before - in some cases, the mainstream has appeared to have been FORCED to deal with stories that it would have otherwise never given attention to." Thus, we have a chance to push this idea over the top, especially if we do indeed FORCE them to recognize our goals and ideas. So, please, lend us your support and spread the word. As one person said, "There are but two choices, actively oppose tyranny, or inactively submit to it." It's up to us. Do we act, or do we remain passive? As Buckminster Fuller so aptly noted, "In order to change something, don't struggle to change the existing model. Create a new model and make the old one obsolete." It's time to move, folks, and it's time for the NEW MEDIA to make its mark. This is for real, and it CAN HAPPEN! Let's seize the moment!

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