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Who is Mike D?

this article was originally a comment at this article: http://portland.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=20459, but was reposted here to get more attention.
Mike D's False Charges/Bkground

Mike D is well known at street roots, he has been our computer techy "trouble shooter" for several months, when suddenly he "disappeared". We learned of his arrest only a few days ago, and are not only shocked but incensed that he is charged with felonies for behaviors completely outside his personality and character.

All who know Mike know that, of 50 people in a room, he is the one who personifies peace. His whole demeanor is a quiet, serene, pleasant and peaceable ambience. It has been our privilege to know and work with Mike.

Another thing about Mike is his total involvement in the community, particularly in downtown Portland where he is a member of the Old Town/China Town Neighborhood Association, and where he is so often seen dashing off from one activity, event, or meeting to the next. Mike is the one who kept us at street roots informed of when and where all events were taking place, from city hall to the courts to Portland State University to Liberty Hall, and beyond. He is an observer and a connector, rather than an instigator or organizer. He's just "there". Not the one doing damage, not the one shouting, not the one with a bullhorn, but the quiet one who is taking notes or filming or just watching. but his presence has been so important to so many. You know that something is important for your involvement or knowledge or support when you see Mike there. And I bet we could raise all the money needed for his legal defense by guessing the length of his hair. (just kidding). For those who are not sure who Mike is, I think CFA should print a photo, how about that one of him standing quietly while they are handcuffing him? That's the one where you can tell, for sure, that Mike's a guy who would start a riot!

Such bogus charges! Mike D is the last person on earth who would ever encourage anyone to riot or break a law. He is the antithesis of violence.

Here's a true story. This is of the last time I saw him, only about 2 days before his arrest. Mike and I and another guy from street roots were walking downtown from street roots and came to an intersection. The light said "Wait", but the other guy and I ran across, laughing. Mike, however, patiently remained behind and waited for that pedestrian traffic signal to change to "Walk". He wont even violate a traffic signal on foot! He totally abides by the law! His attitude remains an indelible impression in my mind as he faces so many outrageously false charges. There should be a hundred or more strong supporters for Mike at his next court date. We have asked all the lawyers we know to come out as well, and someone from the National Lawyers Guild to take on his challenging, complicated and deadly serious case. Please, all you lawyers out there!

Patty Annis, investigative reporter

phone: phone: 503-228-5657
address: address: street roots (1231 SW Morrion)