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PJTTF hearing: Vera Katz takes us one step further down the road of fascism

From an Anti-PJTTF/Portland Copwatch report, as posted to open publishing newswire: "the Council voted unanimously (4-0) to renew the Portland Police Bureau's agreement to be part of the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force after just over 4 hours of testimony. The community--for the most part--did really, really well. At least 55 people testified in opposition to the task force; Only about 13 testified in favor..."

"Many good points were made about specific run-ins with the CIU and PJTTF, the files kept without the city's knowledge as exposed in the Portland Tribune, the reasons that police shouldn't be out of the auspices of our locally elected officials, and the historic precedent the council could set by rejecting the task force. The boisterous nature of the crowd, which had been warned many times about applauding but managed to keep doing so throughout the afternoon, carried all the way to the end." [ Full report, with many comments ]

From a piece of testimony given at the hearing: "The fascists in Nazi Germany could not have succeeded without the support of local government officials and business owners and we are seeing that again today in this room. The Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force is fascism. The corporate supporters of the Task Force are fascists. You, Mayor Katz, are a fascist and so is Police Chief Kroeker and any member of the City Council who votes in favor of the Task Force." [ Full story ]