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Attack on Family Owned Business

from the open publishing newswire: Ann's Grocery is a family owned business at 1724 SE Clinton. It has had a variety of owners in the past 50 years. Recently, in March, the store was purchased by a family. Even today the store is well run and is a good place to get your treats without going very far. One neighbor, who is a lawyer, has been complaining about homeless people in the neighborhood. This lawyer thought that if the store nearest to her house didn't sell beer that it would alleviate the problem. It surely didn't because another store is 2 blocks away. With a new owner in the store the OLCC gives the new owner a 3 month temp license. Within those 3 months the neighborhood lawyer took advantage of the temporariness of the license and shut it down. She claimed that homeless people were buying beer at the store and would pee on her lawn. The store owners have a petition to get there license back. The petition is at the store at 1724 SE Clinton. [Read More]