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Help and money needed for the Computers to Ecuador project

From the open publishing newswire: "Working with old equipment donated by Free Geek, Media and Tech activists in Portland are assembling, testing, and transporting approximately 75 computers to San Francisco. There the computers will be combined with 100-150 others collected from the SF Bay Area, and about 100 from LA and together shipped down to South America in time for the upcoming anti-FTAA protests.

"This is an exciting project which provides needed computers to activists and organizers in countries where computers are not so easy to come by as they are here. The equipment will go to help the people there get their stories out to the world through the internet, and help them organize themselves regionally. These are all machines which most people here consider too old and slow. However, with Linux installed, and an appreciation for how useful even these older machines are, indymedia centers, schools, labor organizers, and social and environmental groups will be able to put to good use what would otherwise become toxic waste in U.S. or foreign landfills."

"Work parties at Free Geek Sunday 1pm - midnight and Monday 1pm - midnight. Computer experience not necessary. Also donations for shipping are urgently needed to get the computers down to San Francisco. A few people went out to the Alberta street fair, and to table at the Parenti talk and were gifted with $150 in donations. $300 are still needed to get all this equipment down to San Francisco. This is not so much money to make this important project happen, so please help out."

Call 503-768-5001 (portland indymedia), Email - imc-portland@indymedia.org

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