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What is Indymedia?

From the open publishing newswire: "Indymedia, from the very beginning, was organized as a non hierarchial collective, establishing procedures where everyone was invited to participate, and everyone had equal voice in all proceedings. The spirit of Indymedia was based on democratic principles and the equality of all individuals. Great care has been taken to establish an organization where all opinions are honored, but no one individual, or group of individuals within the Collective, could "own" the organization and make decisions for the Collective.

"These Democratic values are relected in the Principles of Unity, a document that all subsequent IMC's must agree to adhere to, if they wish to become an Independent Media Center.

"In essence, this is Indymedia, a Collective of individuals working towards a common goal, respecting each persepetive, and providing opportunity for each opinion to be voiced, acknowledged and integrated into Collective decisions.

"Now, what would you do if conditions arose within one of these organizations that betrayed these egalatarian principles?" [ Read more... ]

Counter-Revolutionary Tendencies in pdx imc edcom
On the same subject, another newswire item reads: "In fact, edcom ["Editorial Committee"] seeks to kill off the pdx imc General Collective altogether, or to render it absolutely powerless. That is why they are not aggressively promoting or advertising the General Collective meetings, or the real issues, except by means of back-channel agitation and lobbying. They revel in the fact that meeting attendance has fallen off drastically, as a direct result of their own subjective and contentious bickering and deliberate avoidance and sabotage of democratic process, for months prior to my involvement (which they now seek to blame on me, for contesting their unprincipled practice)." [ Full article ]

The next meeting of the portland indymedia General Collective is Sunday, September 15, at 6:00 p.m., at Laughing Horse Books (3652 SE Division). Editorial folks meet every Saturday at 4:00 p.m. at the Red and Black (SE Division @ 22nd).