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Last chance to vote for Christian Gunther for City Council

From the open publishing newswire: "Portland, today is the last chance to show the establishment that we, the progressive community, have a powerful voice. Vote for Christian Gunther for City Hall. MAIL IN YOUR BALLOTS TODAY. LET PORTLAND CITY HALL, THE POLICE, AND MAINSTREAM MEDIA GET OUR MESSEGE! VOTE TODAY!

"Christian Gunther is by far the candidate that holds progressive policies on social justice (he was AT city hall when the police were sued -- none of the others cared enough to say peep!), the enviornment (he got the endorsement of the Pacific Green Party, supporting a PUD and rececting Bio-Science), and a wide range of other issues...

"Let's show Portland that the progressive, activist community HAS a loud voice and must be heard.

"SEND IN YOUR BALLOTS TODAY and CALL ALL YOUR FRIENDS TO DO THE SAME. Ballots must be RECEIVED by this Tuesday." [ Newswire post ]

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