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Police Target Moms and Harrass Supporters at Mike D's Court Date

From the newswire: "Approximately 2 dozen friends and supporters made the long journey out to Washington County to attend Mike D's hearing, including myself and another mom who brought our kids along. After enduring the same harrasment doled out to all Mike's supporters as we made our way though security and into the court room, we were then told that the judge had ordered "no children in the court room" and we were told we would have to wait outside."

"While waiting outside the courtroom I was apprached by an officer who attempted to interogate me on the basis that my son (who has a liver condition) appeared ill, when I stated that I did not have to answer his questions he stated that he was detaining me because my sons appearence indicated he might be malnourished or neglected and indicated that if I refused to answer question I would be put under arrest and my son put in the custody of children's services." [ Read More ]

From another poster: "Its been awhile since I've been to a courthouse... last time was prior to 9/11 and I remember metal detectors but not lockers for bags or making people sip water bottles to make sure it wasn't er explosive BUT I sure as hell don't remember visitors being videotaped!"

One of the sheriff's mentioned that there were already security cameras throughout the building. They're not exactly hidden but their not that obtrusive. Now, having at least three people hovering around a video camera pointed at you on a tripod pointed at you is kinda obtrusive, especially since they were saying no cameras were allowed into the court. Given that there are already cameras in the building for security, what possible reason could there be for this other video taping? Intimidation? Are they making sure to get color video of people who show up so they can sting them at the next action for inciting a riot? Whoops, there go our civil liberties! [ Read More ]