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Police Harrassment in the Forest

From the open publishing newswire: " The forest-service l.e.o.'s (freddies) have been walking over peoples civil- liberties left & right. Today a car load of 3 people attempting to go out to solo timber-sale was followed for 2 miles & then pulled over after we turned off onto a spur road, the officer (dan blythe) claimed that he had seen us cross over the yellow divider line 11 times (which was B.S. we were trying our hardest to stay legal), when asked why he didn't pull us over sooner, dan stated that there was no room on the main road (a tactic used to isolate us from the public), he then took the liscense of the driver (the person didn't have their proof of registration or insurance on them at the time), dan then proceeded to run the info and came back and said the car (which was being borrowed from a family member) was flagged as "sold" in their computers, the driver said they didn't know what that was about, dan then went back and tried again and came back to say that the car was possibly "stolen" and he was going to need the passengers id..." [ Read more... ]