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Building Global Community: Into The Mystery

From the newswire: "On Wednesday, in the South Park Blocks here in Portland the Portland Peace community remembered the tragedy of September 11, 2002. No flag waving, no patriotic speeches to avenge the deaths of so many innocent Americans, no bravado, no angst, no raised fists.

"What you did hear were members of various spiritual paths speaking about the need for peace in the world, and the need for all citizens of this planet to stand up and demand an end to war, racism, hatred and greed. What you heard were Jews singing for Peace; a member of each of the Ba'hai, Christian, Hindu, Sufi and Muslim faith quoting their ancient texts; a Buddhist chant and dance, energetic and at the same time solomn and emotional. We were all there to be moved, and we were moved, to understand the spiritual, emotional and physical necessity of Peace between all races, all cultures, all nations, and all classes.

"The days events were punctuated with music by Glass Wing, Hunter Paye, Red Emma and Anne Weiss. Mark Mathabane of South Africa spoke at length On Common Humanity, and John Linder, whose brother was murdered by the U.S. backed Contras in the closing decades of the 20th century, spoke on Political Context and Call for Peace Action." [ Read More ]

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