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Call to action, Notes from the Speak-Out against Police Misconduct

From the open publishing newswire: "On 9/12/02 the Civilian Review Committee of the Independent Police Review Division held a public forum on Citizen-Police Interaction. Approximately 50-70 people attended including members of more than 12 activist organizations. This was to be the first of a series of public forums to get public opinion on issues regarding the Police in Portland. 7 out of 9 members [volunteers I might add] of the Civilian Review Committee were in attendance. The issues they presented us with were: whether police ought to identify themselves at stops, whether profanity is justifiable at stops, and whether officers ought to give reasons for stopping someone. Note the specificity of 'stops'. There was a feeling on my part that the Committee is only working on issues within some slim boundary, i.e. police stops rather than the more general categories of brutality, accountability generally, racial profiling city-wide, etc." [ Read more... ]