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LIE... Sit... Stand, Public Nuisance Ordinance. Let your voice be heard.

From the open publishing newswire: "Portland City is seeking top 10 gripes about city regulations... but I couldnt find this referenced on their web site, and we only have until monday to send our top ten list into the city mayors office. I found this article in the oregonian thursday sept 12th issue at the bottom of the back page of section D. They are really looking for public opinion eh? Well since they asked lets give em a whammo and get the camping ordinance and the sit stand oirdinance in the top 10, prefferably numbers one and two."

Another person comments: "Add to these the Prostitution Free Zone and the Drug Free Zone. These awful laws mean an ex-prostitute cannot even travel through certain areas, and someone who's been busted can be busted simply for existing, and being in the wrong place." [ Call to action, with further suggestions ]