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In Seattle, Prometheus/Cheap Channel Storm the NAB!

From the newswire: At 9:45 on Friday, September 13th, at the Exhibition Floor of this year's National Association of Broadcasters Convention, activists succesfully formed a marriage between the media democracy movement and the daily activities of corporate broadcasters. The marriage was attended by journalists and attendees of the NAB convention, although the media-democracy brides were escorted out, minutes later, by angry policemen.

Hannah Sassaman, the program coordinator of the Prometheus Radio Project, and Jeff Perlstein, the executive director of the Media Alliance, posed as cheerleaders for Cheap Channel Radio. They walked into the exhibition floor, gathered the attention of the merchants and corporate representatives, and delivered a scathing parody of Clear Channel's business model to corporate executives and salesmen all too familiar with the way the company works. [ Read More ]

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