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Measure 23 and Oregon small businesses

From the open publishing newswire: "I am constantly being told how Measure 23 will hurt small and large business alike and how new business will run from Oregon. The only big business to run will be insurance companies and the middle man for drug companies.

"Having owned only small business all my life, I know that small business is really you and a couple of part time helpers. Your wife works full time for a big company to provide the family with insurance. You can't hire and train help because you cannot offer a living wage and insurance together. You can't expand because you can't get good long term help because you can't afford insurance for them. You can't bid on or seek out bigger and better work because you don't have the employees to do the work.

"I am the first to tell you that not everyone wants to be in business for themselves, however, a lot of people do. Many people are unwilling to try to start a business because of one issue only - Health Coverage." [ Read more... ]

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