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Meeting the police review commitee...

From the open publishing newswire: "I found out that there was going to be a community meeting with the people that I will need to speak with if I feel I am unjustly treated by the police [ 1 | 2 ]... There were many individuals attending the meeting tonight that believed and more than believed, brought videos and stories that ammounted to a not so pretty picture painted of a police force struggling to maintain a viril presence and look good to their bosses vera katz and mark kroeker, a police force that used to be composed of individuals with bachelor degrees until kroeker became chief and a force that feels the ire and resentment of the community and blames the community ...

"There was also shown an outreaching from the establishment for the purpose of either generating good PR and the image of open mindedness and the ability to effect policy, whereas the reality may not be so ..." [ Full story ]

[ Independent Police Review Division seeks public input on Community-Police Relations (from city website) ]