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Call for solidarity with politically-targeted activist, Mike D., at Friday court date

From the open publishing newswire: "the powers-that-be are at war on the activist community of portland. the recent grand jury subpoenas and felony-related arrests are baseless and their clear intention is to intimidate effective organizers in our community. the police violence of A22 bush protest and the A30 critical mass revealed the increasing militarization of government tactics. the corporate media repeats lies without qualification. the establishment is trying to scare us and we must not let that happen. we must fight back, with loud dissent, independent media and Truth.

"Mike D.'s courtdate is tomorrow, Friday the 13th, at the Washington County Courthouse. we must all go there and support him. he's one of us. and when they take one of us on, they take all of us on. we must show the powers-that-be that we will not stand for this harrassment. supporters who showed up at his arraignment faced a phalanx of uniforms who attempted through intimidation to keep them out of public places that they were legally allowed to be. expect tomorrow to be even more intense. the more people we can bring out to support Mike the better. especially folks with cameras, video and still. we'll need to post the Truth about what we see 'cause the corporate media will either ignore this story or twist it beyond recognition." [ Read more... ]

Another supporter writes: "Mike D's Court date is Friday the 13th at 2:30pm at the Washington County Courthouse in Hillsboro. People will be meeting at the Daily Grind to carpool at 12:30 pm. You can also take the Max right to the court house. Changes might happen because they don't want us to be there, so keep updated. You can call Cascadia Forest Alliance at (503)241-4879. Or keep checking Portland Indymedia.

"We need to form a solidarity and stand up to this Police Oppression." [ Court Date support details ]

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