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9.11 investigation

Highlights from Portland's 9/11 'Peace in Action' Memorial

From the open publishing newswire: "I attended the 'Peace in Action' memorial services and was pleasantly surprised with the moving and heartfelt program. It was a beautiful location - with trees and shade - and many literature tables set up along the edges of the audience.

"Several hundred people were in attendance and the atmosphere was incredibly hopeful and warm. They had a spiritual program in the beginning that was compromised of representatives of various world religions - B'hai, Muslim, Jewish, Christian. There were prayers and moments of silence that you'd expect at any memorial - but there was also dancing and singing by various members of these religious communities. A very nice touch.

"One of the big surprises was speaker Mark Mathabane. Mathabane is the best-selling author of 'Kaffir Boy'. He gave a wonderful speech titled 'Common Humanity'." [ Read more... ]