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Emergency overnight vigil for forests outside Senator Wyden's office Wednesday night

From the open publishing newswire: "As you may have heard, the Senate is debating whether or not they will vote to suspend or weaken environmental laws in order to speed up logging as a means to prevent forest fires. Senator Ron Wyden plays a critical role in whether our environmental laws will be weakened or compromised away. Although he said last Tuesday that he won't support a complete suspension of environmental laws, he very well could support a 'compromise' with Republican Senator Larry Craig from Idaho which could significantly weaken the laws we use to protect forests from destructive logging. The Senate could vote on this early tomorrow morning, or possibly next Tuesday, if a 'compromise' isn't worked out yet.

"First, we are holding an all night vigil TONIGHT outside his office to let Ron know we're watching how he votes very closely. The vote could occur as soon as 6 am tomorrow morning. We'll be starting the vigil outside his office at 11pm tonight at 700 NE Multnomah St. near Lloyd Center. We will stay outside his office throughout the day tomorrow awaiting news of the vote or its delay. Please join us tonight or anytime tomorrow, the earlier the better.

"If you can't make the vigil, its extremely important to call his office in Washington DC early tomorrow morning at 202-224-5244, and his office locally as well at 503-326-7525." [ Story and Photos ]

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