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Visit to Solo timber sale exposes Forest Service plan to destroy forests for tree plantations

From the open publishing newswire: "Sunday, September 8, 2002, was the monthly Bark Field Trip. A group of about 16 people went up to the Solo timber sale, in the Oark Gove Watershed, which joins the Clackamas River near Ripplebrook Ranger Station, about 25 miles south of Estacada. This destination was chosen because the road leading to the original choice for the day, the Bars sale, logged about a month ago, was closed due to the proximity of the Borg Sale, an active timber sale.

"The Solo sale is one of a group of timber sales, including Slinky and Batwings, designed by the forest service to reduce the entire Oak Grove Watershed of the Clackamas River into one massive tree plantation. This is not opinion, but what the U.S. Forest Service declares is their 'Desired Future Condition' for this area. It seems that all the remaining Old Growth forests stand out against the background of tree plantations as well as past and present clearcuts, and so must be logged in order to create a uniform tree planatation landscape. Again, their Desired Future Condition.

"The purpose and goals of the hike was announced to the group on road 5730, at an overlook which gave a large panorama of past and present clearcuts and tree planations, as far as the eye could see-except for some remaning Old Growth, many of which were current timber sale units.

"This 13 minute audio file is from that briefing.

"At the end of the hike, we all visited the tree sit, which is over 100 feet up in a large Douglas Fir, surrounded by other magnificent trees." [ Newswire story ]

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