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Zmag and Indymedia, targets of disinformation and attacks

A repost of a zmag warning and short discussion
With it's rise in popularity, Indymedia has increasingly been the victum of disinformation and attacks. During the A22 Bush protest pornography, spam, and other tactics were used against the site, presumbaly to crush the real information coming through. Now ZMAG has issued a warning as well. Independent Media, growing with the resistance to the neoliberal order, is becoming a target once again.

Reposted from ZMAG:

Urgent: We are the target of a concerted large-scale and aggressive disinformation campaign. As yet, we do not know the perpetrators. EMail is being sent, written by others but with our return address, with the intent of misleading people as to our views and provoking massive angry mailings back at us. Please ignore all such mailings. Please advise others to do so as well. And please pay attention to mailings that are literally from us -- you should be able to tell the difference. Moreover, these folks are likely to do this with other returns addresses as well, personal and institutional.

hope 31.Aug.2002 11:18


Gandhi paraphrase:

first they ignore you

then they laugh at you

then they attack you

then you win

Persistence is anything but futile 31.Aug.2002 12:24

Twilight youth

this indicates (to me) that we are doing something right!


be careful 31.Aug.2002 13:29


Yeah, ever since I posted to indymedia using my e-mail address, not only have I been getting more spam, but somebody sent me a virus. (I have anti-virus protection on my PC, thankfully.)

Why would they attack Z Magazine? 31.Aug.2002 23:13

Michael Albert's Conscience

After all, Z Magazine and ZNet in general do not offer any kind of principled resistance to America's War of Terror. Most of the articles they post on their site are of the respectable Liberal variety--usually some half-hearted piece opposing the war from some mainstream British mouthpiece like the Guardian.

NO better example of where Z Magazine and ZNet really stand on the issues is their pathetic and unsucessful efforts to discredit any questioning about American government complicity, foreknowledge, or sponsorship of the 9-11 attacks themselves.

AS has been commented many times on Portland Indymedia, Michael Albert and others at ZNet have been singularly hostile to these supposed "conspiracy theories." So much so that you have to question whose interests do they really represent and speak for.

If Z Mag has had a single pro-Palestinian .. 01.Sep.2002 17:59


item, they're libel to get spammed by what I and others are experiencing from zionists.

Targets are generally any pro-palestinian group or anyone who has even gotten on a single pro-pal email list or knows someone who is.

The emails I get everyday (30 - 60 or so) are emails about arabs or fake things about arabs from sites like msnbchardball, prof francis boyle (who got 55,000 emails), and then tons of addresses I've never heard of and returned mail - since they're using my email address to send to other people who have blocked it.

They even hacked into my email and were sending me chopped up bits of other emails that I had received recently - it was erie. Someone told me it's a computer program that's doing that, a relatively expensive and high level one that not your average person would have.

My provider recommended I change my password often, as some programs can decifer a password in 5 minutes, and use characters like ! and ## at the start or the end, along with numbers.