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SHAC - Puppy-Killer of the Week Responds!

The campaign to shut down Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) is fast becoming one of the most significant in animal rights movement's history. The speed, methodology, and determination with which one of the world's biggest animal testing laboratories is being brought to it's knees, almost entirely by the efforts of volunteer grassroots activists, denotes the endless possibilities of what what a small community of passionate campaigners can do.
For those who participated in the Puppy-Killer of the Week against
Dean Rodwell and go this reply - Please read the SHAC response below:

Recieved on 8/29/02 2:47 PM,
From: Dean Rodwell at  RodwellDE@aol.com wrote:

> For the record, I resigned from Huntingdon Life Sciences on November
1, 2001, with 4 months notice to be effective on February 28, 2002, and have
not been in the state of New Jersey since early December 2001. Since March 1,
2002, I am 100% independent.
> During my entire working career, of greater than 30 years I have been
working at making this world a better place to live for animals and mankind.
> My profession is very much aligned with the March of Dimes, that of
> preventing birth defects in both man and animals. I do not condone
the mistreatment of animals or of man. Nor do I support violence or
terrorism. I believe education is the key to a better future for all.

> Dean Rodwell

SHAC Repies:

August 30th, 2002

Dear Dean,

Until Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty has received a written promise
confirming you will never work for HLS again in any capacity, including
as an independent consultant or doing peer reviews of HLS's 'scientific'
reports, we will still consider you a part of this horrendous

SHAC views with skepticism your claim to be completely independent from
HLS. Before publication of the latest SHAC newsletter (August 15th), HLS had
a working phone number and email address listed for you. A live operator
at the East Millstone facility located your phone number in the lab's
Corporate Directory. You yourself, when called at home, said you would except a
delivery on behalf of HLS either at the East Millstone office or your
home. Are you sure you are completely done with HLS?

Aligning your profession to that of the type of research the Marsh of
Dimes has performed does little to help your image or strengthen an argument
about how humane animal research is. What it does tell us you are the type of
'scientist' capable of sewing a kittens eyes shut for an experiments
where there are widely known and used alternatives that do not involve
animals. Please get in touch with the Physicians Committee for Responsible
Medicine to learn more about the scientific community's objection to the March
of Dimes research.

SHAC also challenges you to explain, to justify, how you who does "not
condone mistreatment of animals" could continue to work at HLS after
undercover investigations within your workplace revealed horrendous
animal cruelty. I would hope you view the beating a four month old puppy as
cruel, and the dissection of a live semi-conscious primate as unacceptable
abuse. By continuing to work within this environment after these and other
investigations came to light you showed your support for violence and

Also as a proponent of education Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty would
be more than happy to participate with you in a neutrally moderated debate
or public forum addressing any aspect of animal research, from it's
scientific validity to the ethics of using animals, and especially that of what
you carried out at HLS. Let us engage in a fair and reasonable debate and
let our dialogue form the basis of the education you believe to be the key
to a better future for all.

Eagerly awaiting your reply,

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty

homepage: homepage: http://www.shacus.net

updates and info 31.Aug.2002 17:45

miss kitty

could you please post phone numbers, e-mail address and address of the hls leaders and workers. for some reason I thought it had been closed I guess b of a had just withdrawn its support. let us fill there voice mails and web sites this labor day week end! Stop the Cruelty! Stop the inhumane science mostly testing GMOs! To many dead! Too many bread for torture! It's not a true science! It's a torture factory! CLOSE HUNTINGDON DOWN NOW!