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Weapons of Mass Pain In My Brain

Make them find and use another word. We look stupid pointing fingers.
From now on, everytime I read or hear that phrase I am going to scream.
A speeding car is a weapon of mass destruction (scream) too, but it is not(thank god) referred to as such.

An news article online really set me off. north korea is a "terrorist" axis of "evil" nation because they possess (SCREAM) and sell some to make ends meet.

The nation putting lables of mass exaggeration on these isolated targets is the absolute possessor of mass quanties, of mass varieties, of (S-C-R-E-A-M) the absolute biggest threat to any nation or person,.

the USA is by far the worlds largest supplier of (S_C_R_E_A_M) to all sorts. Gangs, Juntas, mercenaries, dictatorships, and dozens of "normal" countries.
Using the formula the tension squad uses, these are all axis or dangerous to the countrys they border.

I cringe at the stupidity of tagging a country as evil for things all have or want, and a vague danger. liking the usa is no ticket to heaven.

consider briefly the power our military has. in 1/2 hour any city on earth could be vaporized. The 9 other h-bombs on the same missle can do that too.

In a week or 2, a carrier battle group can arrive on station and smash anything anyone else has. our 1960's era b-52's , cruise missles, the best of everything, and talent to employ them.

IRAQ IS ONLY A THREAT TO GEORGE W BUSH'S EGO. THAT'S IT. he would kill our fine young people and spend billions of working people's tax money to feed his ego. Why doesn't just admit it's the oil, the oil, the oil.....


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um 01.Sep.2002 04:55

your doctors Beam and Dickel

They only sip upon the finest of top-shelf liquors, because they can. It sounds like you have been hitting the bright green Mad Dog and washing down peyote with it.

...what are you talking about ?