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a22: bush protest

one photo from protest

Terry Schrunk Plaza across 4th Avenue from the Edith Green/Wendell Wyatt Federal Building.
one photo from protest
one photo from protest
Here is the only photo that i felt like posting. I am sure other pics will follow from other posters. This family of three was out to support the growing voice for a rethinking of the imminent war with Iraq. There were many others, as well as a good deal of clear support from many passing motorists.

What?!?!?! There was a family out there?!?! 31.Aug.2002 01:36

who were they!

Families should know by now, you are not permitted to protest in Portland! Police Bureau spokesman has made it official.

Not that you'd care, sheeple

why the *(&**%^% doesn't my pitcher go up ? 31.Aug.2002 01:52


my picture did not post. why? i'll try again and hopefully it works? my title failed to mention it was the preemptive march against the upcoming iraq war
why the *(&**%^% doesn't my pitcher go up ?
why the *(&**%^% doesn't my pitcher go up ?