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Political Prisoner doing jail support arrested outside jail.

Emma Murphy-Ellis was arrest tonight in front of the jail in oregon city where activists arrested at the Borg timber sale were being held. One had been released. Two or Three others were still being held. More info to come.
More info to come
How Can We Help 31.Aug.2002 10:20


Dose she need bail? defense funds? How can the community support this woman who has sacrificed so much for our dwindling forests?

Yes we need bail. 31.Aug.2002 10:56

We're raising at the Resistdance

She's being held at $30,000 bond, we need $3000 to get her out. If you have money for bail pls call 503-241-4879. Or come to the resistdance at laurelhurst park picnic area B We'll be raising funds there.

charges: 31.Aug.2002 11:01


She's been charged with Insiting a Riot on July 30th at the Sandy ranger station, and conspiricy to insite a riot.