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Park Wars

Jon Margolis prefaces his piece titled: "Park Wars" with the words:

" It's the snowmobilers (and the recreation industry) against
the high-country hikers (and the environmentalists) in the
battle for the future of America's parkland (and soul)."
... and ends with the words:

"Will democratic values triumph over commercial ones?
If they do -- or even if they don't -- Scott Silver
and his outspent band of followers deserve credit for
refusing to cede industry complete control of the

I'm thrilled, because Margolis has done a fantastic job explaining to the nation, exactly what is at stake in a raging battle (invisibly to many) that will determine the fate of public lands recreation. I'm embarrassed because Margolis doesn't begin to give adequate credit to the many other persons who, like me, adamantly refuse to cede control to the American Recreation Coalition. AND, I'm delighted that Margolis completely ignored those who have made a conscious decision to sit on the sidelines and watch this battle unfold from afar !!!!

What follows represents a turning point in a long war that is not yet won. I encourage you to read it, to circulate it widely and to act upon it appropriately. My deepest gratitude and thanks go out to all who,
together, have moved this recreation issue so very far against such
overwhelming odds.


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Volume 13, Issue 16. September 9, 2002.

homepage: homepage: http://www.prospect.org/print/V13/16/margolis-j.html