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Saul Alynsky's wisdom and humor from *Rules For Radicals*

"Inside the experience of the public, but outside the experience of authoritarians" was the basic method of the infamous Chicago and Rochester, NY creative nonviolence organizer. His wisdom and tactics are just as inspiring today as they were to "The Back of the Yards" groups in the 1950s and early '60s. From tactical *farting* to "abc" gum on sidewalks, to demystifying the games that management plays upon challengers, these angles mustn't be forgotten!
Most likely you've not heard of Saul Alynsky. And if you've looked him up online, you've probably been turned off by his apparent work with religion. Yet, strangely, few know of his much more interesting ideas, which *rocked the world* of the complacent era in which he lived.

In his book _Rules For Radicals_ (published awhile ago), Saul Alynsky (now passed on) goes into some powerful depth on some tactics that root-oriented folks ("radicals") and other social challengers will certainly be seriously inspired by. Take the action in which Chicago Blacks went into an enclosed entertainment space, after collectively eating *a lot* of beans, and proceeded to FART as a method of focusing attention.

If this book and these ideas aren't already up online somewhere, they should be

The methods of interaction which Alynsky touched on in his book are definately intrigueing. How can they be utilized in our own actions, these days? How can we expand on them?
Lame book 30.Aug.2002 16:14


I Read this one on a long time ago and it sucked. Rules for radicals it's an oxymoron. If you wanna read some good books about 60's radicalism read: Abbie Hoffman's Steal this Book, The Black Panther Party Speaks, Norman Mailler's Armies of the Night, Hell even Jerry Ruban's DO IT! is a fun one. Just skip Saul's book, he's a little to unradical, and besides rules just give you a migrain anyway.


alinsky was effective 31.Aug.2002 14:00


i think that snaggletooth's comment is ridiculous

the issue is not competition to be the most radical (or most obnoxious)
but to be effective at positive social change

alinsky's group was effective

humor is important

persuading the majority of our fellow citizens is mandatory

all revolutionaries I've ever heard of - whether peaceful or not - agree
that winning over the population is of primary importance

acting like one is a tiny minority of the population is a good way
to ensure that one will not win

most people in our society do not want to live in a fascist dictatorship

please, think carefully about effectiveness - future generations
of all species depend on this