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Warning on Terror

Warning on Terror by Secret Agency BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst) Germany
Warning on Terror
Warning on Terror
Information obtained about a massive terror attack against europe on october and november 2002 for push on a general hysteria and acceptability of war. Targets might be UK, Germany and France

Please send relevant papers for arresting the following people to  zentrale@bundesnachrichtendienst.de

Help and win a free holiday in Cuba

details on www.strike-free.info "september puzzle"
The Axis of EVIL 30.Aug.2002 14:50


An excellent mug shot of the:

(A)xis of,

(B)ush, selected Commander-in-Thief,

(C)heney, the slimy Halliburton Dick, and

(D)on, Warlord Rumps-felt of carpet bomber fame,

(E)VIL, aka Operation Endearing Freedom for Enron.

...Get a Rope... 30.Aug.2002 16:28


Let me know when you finally hunt down these cracker-ass, chicken-shit, motherfu*kers 'cuz I wanna Get my licks in. How's about an ol' fashion tar and feathering Followed some public flogging? Wonder how the press would spin that one?


Bush looks like 01.Sep.2002 04:49

Mr Fabulous

his pecker is being given an oral wash down by some evil dwarf-gnome...wait...no...its Tony Blair!