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Oregon Webmaster Indicted for Anti-Government Site

They got Ujaama

As you can see, they finally got Earnest James Ujaama. They've been holding him for awhile but finally decided (a week after the anti-Bush demonstrations) to indict. Story below, or at the link above. The moral of this story is: We'd all better get really careful about what we say, here and in other places. And who we say it to. The idea, floated in The Portland Tribune mid-week issue, that Portland police have stopped monitoring activist groups since forming the Joint Anti-Terrorism Task Force with the FBI is absurd. The monitoring of domestic organizations with anti-government views is precisely the task for which this Task Force was created; and now, with the new Homeland Security measures, there's one in every town. And they all report back to the CIA at a federal level (see  http://www.wsws.org/articles/2001/nov2001/coup-n07.shtml)

The story:

"A federal grand jury has indicted the founder of the StopAmerica.org Web site
on charges of aiding al-Qaida terrorists. Prosecutors say Earnest James
Ujaama, 36, who was born James Earnest Thompson, conspired to create an
al-Qaida boot camp in rural Oregon. Ujaama also helped al-Qaida with
computer training and Internet propaganda, according to the 9-page
indictment released late Wednesday. Ujaama is a well-known Seattle activist
who was arrested by the FBI last month and was held as a material witness
until charges could be filed. In addition to operating the StopAmerica.org site,
which quotes Ujaama as accusing the United States of "conspiracy to commit
genocide and crimes of terrorism against Muslim people," the government
says he designed a site called the Supporters of Shariah. --Declan
McCullagh, Special to ZDNet News"

This is how they'll come for the rest of us - by accusing us of shadowy ties to the Al-Qaeda Network and international terrorism. They'll say that money you donated to this or that activist cause, or discussions of this and that opinion against the government, makes you guilty of collusion with terrorists.

Make no mistake: If we don't do something to stop the current administration (something wise and calculated and legal, not playing into their hands by going wild in the streets or blowing up buildings), they'll get us all. Everyone who doesn't agree with them - like Stalin, rooting out "enemies of the state" with no end in sight.

The good news is, the WTO (of all people) have just given England permission to hit the US with the biggest tax levy in the history of the world; a sure sign of the international community's growing disease with our government's latest amoral powergrab. They hate us for the wrong reasons, of course; but I'll take any opposing force at this point. (see  http://money.cnn.com/2002/08/30/news/international/wto_tax.ap/index.htm)

5000. - N.
the "dirty bomber" 30.Aug.2002 11:57


Remember the way that story broke? asswipe describing in melodramatic tones WE FINALLY GOT ONE!!!

a large conspiracy, international plot, followed for weeks, studied with the taliban, and on and on and on. Id'ed by multiple sources.

It took the machine press days to mention he was a citizen and the DIRTY BOMBER. converted to islam. So evil was this turncoat he was snatched and muzzled. They had him for weeks before the sales pitch to grab the ultimate power of despots and petty tyrants. erasure of anyone.

the aclu , once a power for civil rights was very quiet. the spin was bullshit and stunk more by the day.

it is obvious this is a calculated move. I heard people ready to hang him and it was ok to keep him.

1 born here, citizen
2 had passport, not to serious of an ex-con
3 carried no plans or parts for anything
4 He (may have) viewed plans at an internet cafe.
5 his "link" to taliban was 3rd party hearsay
6 if followed for weeks, thats it??
7 if an active conspiracy why not follow and learn??

If a taliban lover blows up a convent, has sex with the dead or babies or animals. has osamas mug tattooed on the snotty whatever,....if the creep is a citizen..we can take care of that..look at the monsters who have gone smoothly through the ":system" hiding the guy shows his innocence.

Not the same person 30.Aug.2002 13:11


James Ujaama is not the so-called "dirty bomber." The person that's been accused of that is Abdullah al-Muhajir (born Jose Padilla.)