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Censorship... How Fascinating

"Something is happening here."

do, do
(beat, beat)

"What it is ain't exactly clear."

My posts are definitely taking a long time to register. One - as a comment to the main page - didnt even have that .php code etc. that shows up at the end.


And of my "drive-by" posts, the original definitely took 20+ minutes to show up.


My next post (to the main page) whose entirety is thus:

"I know this is potentially boring, but I also feel I have to register the fact that I have not gotten ANY mail this week -- not even the usual daily pizza flyers, etc.

This dearth includes some specifically ordered bank statements that I ordered last week."

definitely took at least nine and at most twelve minutes to show up.


And the third post, also a comment to the "drive-by" story on the main page, a post that (tautologically :) ) describes this phenomenon of delay, and asks the indy editors for comment on the perceived lack of the usual zippiness has 55 minutes later at this typing, not shown up yet.


I wonder how long it will take (if ever) for this here post to post. I'm gonna keep a copy of this message in my "my documents" folder and email it out to friends as well.

Also note that I've changed computers at the library so presumably a cache has been cleared or whatever.


address: address: One if by land

no censorship happening 30.Aug.2002 09:57

pdx indy volunteer

None of your posts or comments have been censored, edited, delayed, or in any way touched by any pdx indy volunteers. Posts just don't show up on the site instantaneously. Wait a few minutes (as much as 10-15) and reload.

It's not censorship... 30.Aug.2002 10:08


It's not censorship...it is the number of people trying to use this website all at the same time.

Overload is different than censorship. We are all experiencing it.

the tide of democracy 30.Aug.2002 10:24


When there are too many voices, the messages become ripples in the seas of voices

The sea gods are working on it though, i think, I don't really know but I assume someone is.

you are paranoid 30.Aug.2002 10:55

but that don't mean they're not after you

relax. deep breaths.

Internet is slower since July 30.Aug.2002 11:26

No-Doz Bukowski

Don't forget, the entire Internet is slower since July, when KPQWEST went bankrupt and their central hubs in Belgium were turned off (along with miles and miles of cable). The whole Internet is about one-third as fast as it used to be. And now WorldCom, a much larger telecom provider that owns over 50% of the bandwidth in the US, is in the midst of its own bankruptcy proceedings.

In light of this, I have begun to wonder whether the whole "dot-com bubble" was a conspiracy to shut down the Internet before it could become a serious wrench in the machine of lies that moves world events in this century. I mean, if it weren't for the Internet, none of us would know anything about what's really happening in the world today. The big picture one can come to comprehend through intensive study of the 'Net bears little resemblance to the one being sold through TV, newspapers, and radio; and that's dangerous to a world order that requires the ability to define the truth to compliment its own means and ends.

5000. - N.

Renee, or whoever you are 30.Aug.2002 11:29


When you first posted here, you presented yourself as a relaxed peace loving all-accepting person

Now you are basically spamming this newswire with rants about indymedia censoring your posts. You posted this in 3 places.

What happened to the facade you presented in your first post? You seem more and more like an immature thrill seeker, who is trying to get attention.

It is bad enough that right-wing trolls are posting mindless idiocy to the site, but why are you adding to it?

what the fuuuuuuu.... 30.Aug.2002 14:59

Mad Republican madrepublican@hotmail.com

Right wing trolls...? youse talking bout me?

I thought this site was for ALL opinions? As an open forum to mix-it-up on ALL views?

But, I guess if you don't want to overthrow the Gov., or want to subvert everything that is holy to mainstream America...you are not welcomed.

The far-left is just as fucked-up as the far-right...and your comment does not help any.

I Ain't running away! The Mad Republican!

email me at:

visit me at:

The right isn't always right, but the left is never right!

re: Mad Republican 31.Aug.2002 03:08


All sorts of views are welcome as far as I am concerned. However, you do seem more interested in name calling and spamming the site, rather than in any sort of serious dialog.

You will find easy classifications like "liberals" are not so easy here. Many people here are not liberals, and are hard at work to deter the neo-liberal agenda of world domination.

It is important for people of good conscience and good faith to find common ground, whether they be left, right, liberal or conservative.

If you are here to read the news, post the news, and engage in thoughtful dialog, then do stay, but if you are just wanting to bait people and disrupt this site, then please be respectful of its purpose and refrain from doing so. That is a mature approach.

That's cool. 31.Aug.2002 08:34


OK. Thanks everybody.

More 31.Aug.2002 08:47


Yeah, sorry. I've become totally paranoid. I seriously can't wait for work to start and school to kick in so that I can get my mind off of this shit.

But you know... strange things ARE totally happening around me - like I'm also getting strange emails from someone who says she is Tre's sister (and he does have a sister that I've never met) but she doesn't seem to know that much about Tre or at least reveal much while she keeps "peppering" me for information. So I don't know. I truly don't want to be a part of a disinformation machine or an information machine or any other machine really.

So, thanks for your help with the above.

Some notion of how fucked this all potentially could be:

--my mom suffered a massive heart attack last night in FLA -- and I'm just waiting for a ride to go down there... and I don't know if she saw the news about the threats or about Tre or if she was told about them or if the FBI visited her or what...

And meanwhile Tre's life (my brother) is STILL on the line and my own liberties have been demolished and my whole life is in trauma and...

The shit goes on.


me 31.Aug.2002 08:51


Oh geez. Also, indy editors -- I didn't actually think that YOU were the ones messing with things so much as it was in the back of my mind that the FBI now has the technology to do this, and well, given the situation, might feel inclined to use the technology here.

Sorry. I really was being a biologist and just probing and poking the machine. But it's a living one, hence there are consequences...

Sorry again.

(But maybe not incredibly sorry???)


Waiting for the other show to drop... 31.Aug.2002 09:29

Lost my tranquility with the prediction thing

Sorry. Yeah, I am sorry.


So, I also wanted to post the weirdness just to kind of literarily posit what it's like to have been the one to come forward and say that my civil rights were trampled in the name of ecoterrorism.

Also, as the FBI has told me straight out, and as signals indicate, I am myself was under investigation and remain so. Hence, my friends do not feel so free to visit me or even to joke on the phone and are angry.

It's like a constant "Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law..." is hanging over me and my friends and siblings all the time.

P.S. Hey FBI, if you're reading this, if the Surveillance Court told you that you can't investigate me anymore, can you be so kind as to let me know?

P.P.S. The car thing was scary. I am a wuss.


P.P.P.S. What about the Judi Bari thing?

And actually... 31.Aug.2002 09:43


I didn't think the FBI were doing the car thing - just local backwater (where I live) jerks. (When I was in Colorado, I was actually terrorised one day in the country by White supremicists- because of my Asian eyes, they called me "Chink" and destroyed some of my property and seemed ready to do more until I shooed them off - frankly with another mind trick thing - but that's another story.) So there IS still some conditioning here in me, I admit. I'm under a lot of stress.

Plus, I think I was more curious to prod why the police weren't helping me out with my complaint.

Mad Science 31.Aug.2002 10:43

Sleepy Cell

P.P.P.P.S. We still have at least three posting events with a delay of 55+ minutes that haven't been accounted for.

<Let Love Rule...>

Thanks everybody.

a divine comedy better known as Say Anything 14.Sep.2002 08:59

Lloyd Dobler, played by John Cusack

I don't want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don't want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don't want to do that.


more by Lloyd Dobler 15.Sep.2002 12:53

then he was all, like... :-)

"And as for the army, well I couldn't work for that corporation."

I'm just on a movie trip here 15.Sep.2002 12:55

please bear with me

Anybody notice what a great movie 'Magnolia' is?

&quot;What Do Kids Know?&quot; 15.Sep.2002 15:18

now available, on the web

Anybody see 'The Matrix'?

All of us 24.Sep.2002 08:48


Grand juries suck, don't they?

morememestuffforyoutoprocessornotasisyour 25.Sep.2002 12:55

evidently, the author

The Law of Accelerating Returns:


Probably, there is stuff on The Edge  http://www.edge.net

and even at Wired.