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New Road Blockades at Borg Timber Sale

Forest Activists with the Cascadia Forest Alliance erected road blockade structures on the raods leading to the Borg Timber Sale early this morning. Like Solo, the Borg timber sale will log native forest in the Oak Grove Watershed - and Thomas Creek Lumber has the contract.
Activists with Cascadia Forest Alliance erected road blockade structures on the roads that lead into the Borg Timber Sale in Mt. Hood National Forest on Friday morning. Some of these structures suspend people roughly 100 feet above the road. These dedicated forest defenders are once again putting their bodies on the line to protect some of the last remaining mature and old growth forests and drinking water source for 185,000 Oregonians.

The Borg sale would clear cut 60 acres in the Oak Grove watershed. Tree-sitters have been defending the Solo sale, also in the Oak Grove, since July 4th. The Forest Service wants to turn the Oak Grove watershed into a tree farm by logging the last remaining native forest. Thomas Creek Lumber, twice convicted timber thief, has purchased these sales along with already logged Bars.

"We need to protect our native forests and drinking water from commercial logging," said Cascadia Forest Alliance volunteer Carrie Taylor.

The Bush administration's agenda is to increase logging of mature and native forests by suspending environmental laws and citizen involvement. "Taxpayer dollars should be spent on ecologically-sound restoration projects and protecting homes from forest fires, not the destruction of our few remaining native forests," said volunteer Lisa Urich.

Directions to the Borg Timber Sale
Take 224 towards Estacada into Mt. Hood NF. Continue on 224 past the Ripplebrook Guard Station then turn left onto 57 towards Timothy Lake. Travel for 8 miles and turn left onto 58. After one mile take a right onto 5810 and travel for 5 miles until the road blockades

homepage: homepage: http://www.cascadiaforestalliance.org
phone: phone: (503) 241-4879

props to CFA 30.Aug.2002 10:02


CFA does it again. Where would our forests be without you people?!?! Gone! That's where. Thanks to all who work to defend our native forests. Keep up the good fight!!

Yay for CFA !! 30.Aug.2002 10:54

urban supporter

the CFA kids rock !! keep up the good fight !! we love you !!

Hells Yea!! 30.Aug.2002 12:43


I Love It. The whole world is gonna here the war-cry of Cascadia. Stay strong, Stay ready, 'cuz the land-rapers and forest killers are not gonna like this. Live Free Die Wild!!!

Best of luck to you 30.Aug.2002 14:03

Yoho Myrvaagnes

I think what you are doing is right, CFA, and I admire your passion. Have courage and stay happy. Blessings to you.

Can't wait for photos 30.Aug.2002 17:14


Can't wait for some photos-someone please post some soon.

Photos? maybe 30.Aug.2002 23:25


don't think thye got too keep any of their cameras. Check the next feature.