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IMC Video from Palestine available now!

New Video from Palestine
IMC Video from Palestine available now!
IMC Video from Palestine available now!

IMC Video From Palestine

Recent Video shot by Indymedia activists in Palestine during the summer of 2002.

Two 60 min tapes available


Tape 1 Bethlehem and Jenin: Eyewitness video from the Bethlehem area during the very first days of the unprecedented Israeli assaults on the West Bank. The ISM - International Solidarity Movement- and other activists under fire. This tape gives good first hand impression of life on the ground during these difficult and fast changing days.
Also exclusive video from Jenin Refugee camp shot in April while the camp was still under occupation! The video maker snuck thru the Israeli soldiers lines to capture powerful verite video-the very first to be shot inside the camp after the Israeli attacks. A compelling document from the controversial camp...see the evidence for yourself.

Tape 2: inside the Palestinian Presidential compound during the siege of April and May! The video maker and other international activists were able to rush thru the Israeli lines and enter the compound to join PNA President Yasser Arafat and over 150 Palestinian men inside. An exclusive look at the siege from the inside!
Also included in this tape a sampling of IMC and Palestinian produced video including a short 11min video from Jerusalem during this years Jerusalem day celebrations. Each year thousands of religious Jewish settlers march thru the Muslim sections of the old city and gather at the wailing wall (just below the Al Aksa Mosque) to celebrate the "liberation" of Jerusalem from the "Arabs" in 1967.

proceeds to benefit IMC projects in Palestine

homepage: homepage: http://nyc.indymedia.org/video-v2.php3

couldn't find the actual link 30.Aug.2002 14:51


Psyched to see this has been completed, but on the NYC-imc video site there is not a link up to this video. Nor is there a contact where this video can be ordered from!

Any other info would be much appreciated!!