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Renay Gets Drive-By Threats

Just thought I'd keep you updated about what it's like to be me post A22. I also put the following as a comment on the original "A Friend of Tre Gets a Visit From the FBI" page - in order to keep the continuity - but then I wanted to post here so it can catch people's eye, if need be. Thank you everybody. This place is amazing. Peace.
You know, I don't want this to turn anything into a diary about me anymore than anyone else does, but I feel I have to tell you ALL about something that happened to me Wednesday evening, August 28, 2002.

There I was was, taking my daily um constitutional through a secluded but still residential neighborhood near my home.

Here is what happened. Four cars drove by.

1. The first was a family style sedan that drove inches away from me at around 40-45 mph. By inches, I mean less than a foot.

2. Less than 30 seconds later, a 1970's style green stationwagon with that fake wood paneling on the side approached me from the other direction. At about 200 yards, it slowly (30-35 mph?) and deliberately entered into the opposing lane, i.e. it swerved calmly on my side and maintained the same slow and deliberate speed as it passed its own inches from me. Maintaining this speed on my side for about 200 yards, it calmly reentered its side of the road.

Now at this point, some part of me spontaneously decided that I would hug the shale mini-cliff, in that if somebody wants to run over me, they'll at least have to sustain some car damage.

3. Less than ten seconds after number two removed itself from my view, a third car, a dark (blue?) truck, passed on this side its own inches from me, even in my newfound position.

4. Perhaps ten seconds after it passed, another car whose characteristics didn't seem to be the most significant thing on my mind, also on this side towards me and did the same.


Now, all four were playing loud 70's metal - Skynard? (which usually I like) - but maybe something else?

And now, my conservative friend claims that this happens all the time to everyone. But it's never happened to me before, ever.


So, no other cars passed much before or after for some minutes, this being a secluded wooded area. Of course, I was running to the main street after, so there is not an equitable distribution.

Now, it has now been over 36 hours since I went directly to the Police Station to file a report. The nice man took down my name, number, and home address but determined that the event took place under the dominion of a different boro. He assured me that he would call that different boro and give them the information and that they would then contact me.

Now, I haven't heard a thing, but I've been in school all day yesterday, so who knows.

Now, maybe my sleepy burgh has too much on its plate to deal with this, or maybe my cell phone is anathema to the police, but according to my local Criket affiliate in its promotions brochure, dozens of thousands of people (ok, I don't have the promotional ad in front of me!) are using Cricket and other (cheap, sorry Cricket) phones as their principle phones. I myself find it quite cost-effective. In the company's words, it's like having a home phone with a really long extension cord.


Now, here's my question: Are all of these people including myself SUPPOSED to be without representation when victimized?

Thanks All. Peace out.
Just for the record... 30.Aug.2002 08:28


I know this is potentially boring, but I also feel I have to register the fact that I have not gotten ANY mail this week -- not even the usual daily pizza flyers, etc.

This dearth includes some specifically ordered bank statements that I ordered last week.


"One if by land" 30.Aug.2002 09:21

Just a Biologist.

How fascinating.

My posts are definitely taking a long time to register. The last one - to the main page about this perception- didnt even have that .php code that shows up at the end.


And my original "drive-by" comment to the old "friend of tre" page definitely took 20+ minutes to show up.


And my next post (to the main page) whose entirety is thus:

"I know this is potentially boring, but I also feel I have to register the fact that I have not gotten ANY mail this week -- not even the usual daily pizza flyers, etc.

This dearth includes some specifically ordered bank statements that I ordered last week."

definitely took at least nine and at most twelve minutes to show up.


And the third post, also to the main page, that (tautologically :) ) describes this phenomenon of delay, and asks the indy editors for comment on the perceived lack of zippiness still, now 45 minutes later at this typing, hasn't shown up yet.


I wonder how long it will take (if ever) for this here fourth post to post. I'm gonna keep a copy of this message in my "my documents" folder and email it out.

Please note that I have changed computers too at the local library, hence presumably clearing out the cache, although I have never had trouble here before sitting at one computer and seeing the new comments nearly instantly.


Besides the obvious, does anyone know what's up?


reply 30.Aug.2002 10:07


sometimes posts are slow. please be patient, and wait after clicking once and please post something once, and not in two places.

editorial will not censor posts, except for the few posts that are covered by the editorial policy. your posts have not been censored. indyed

give us a break 30.Aug.2002 11:56


You sound like a paranoid individual and your posts are incoherent.

Why don't you spend more time thinking about why you shoudn't talk to the FBI
about your friend Tre and less time thinking up vague paranoid delusions?
(Oh wait, maybe im the FBI and im using this open posting newswire to
disrupt your efforts...)

stop smoking pot 30.Aug.2002 12:14


stop smoking pot and taking acid and you'll feel much better. i'm not joking.

check your connections 31.Aug.2002 09:05


i think the problem lies in your internet connection and not a result of a indymedia admin conspiracy. -just a thought.

See the Censorship science project page, 'k? 31.Aug.2002 10:56

sleepy cell

Thanks everybody.

In short, I wasn't thinking Indymedia was responsible -- I was just conjecturing (that it was/is the FBI) and testing maybe a little too hard... plus, if need be, maybe this newsite blogger format can be appropriate as textual proof on public record of an event happening?

Plus, if I'm acting uncool, keep in mind that my public life is on the line too -- they could freeze my money, smear my name with potential employers,...; they've already messed a lot up.

Besides all of that, a terrible terrible thing is that Tre's actual life is on the line -- he could be on Guantanamo Island right now or something. How can we know?

Keeping track is the only way I know how at this moment to resist.