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Get off your ass Its Critical Mass!

It is the last friday of the month. That means it is time to take to the streets and ride!
Bike summer is coming to and end and what better way to celebrate a wonderful month of bike stuff than to take to the steets and ride to show support for the human powered machine. what ever the reason one rides, weather it be for excercise, for the environment, to protest the greedy oil machine, or all of the above, what better time to come out to ride together and enjoy the end of summer together.

The ride starts @ 5:30 under the burnside bridge. Food not bombs feeds a bit before that at the same location.

See You There

Bikes Rock!!!

Greedy Oil Machine does not rock. in fact it sucks

homepage: homepage: http://www.subluna.com/CriticalMass/

Critical Mass Kicks Ass!! 30.Aug.2002 21:32

Bicyclists United for Rights to the Road

I went on my first CM ride today~I personally opened and closed Bike Summer with a mass ride~The turnout was awesome--about 1,000 riders at it's peak, I would guess. The route was circuitous through downwtown, northwest and inner SE PDX. The Portland police continued their recent heavy-handed crackdown on any thing out of the ordinary, socially or politically. Riders were arrested and handcuffed at over half a dozen interesctions, for 'corking' the intersection for other riders, or for riding through red lights. Police were unjustifiably rough with those they singled out from the ride, including the reported use of pepper spray, which I fortunately, did not observe or experience first-hand. My vague impression was that the police were targetting the perceived 'leaders' and 'organizers' of the ride. The police tried to redirect the riders at several points, including an attempt at preventing the ride from crossing the Hawthorne Bridge, but a substantial part of the ride mass outflanked them onto the bridge before the cops realized what was happening and could regroup. We were like ten blocks strong and three lanes wide on NW Burnside and SW Broadway~TOTALLY AWESOME~Way to go Portland! Critical Mass!

Why break the law? 30.Aug.2002 22:31


Hi, I participated in the Critical Mass this evening, it was my first time. It was really fun, but I am wondering why some cyclists scream obscenities at passersby, and why everyone encourages you to run red lights. Wouldn't this thing be much more fun if everyone obeyed the law and smiled and waved at everyone? I saw someone kick a car that was in the middle of an intersection. This type of thing is really out of order, in my opinion. Since when are cyclists mean people?

Critical Mass kick ass! 30.Aug.2002 22:35

Morgan Likely

I was coming home with a friend of mine and got caught up in the general mayhem from the Hawthorne Bridge east side of the river on up. I can't believe how many friggin' cops were out in force. As we passed by Burgerville there were like 12 motorcycle cops lined in two waiting in what appeared to be an ambush formation. What the hell is really going on?

no point to breaking law in CM 31.Aug.2002 00:03


I agree with Doug: there's really no point in breaking the law in Critical Mass, for several reasons:

1) You don't need to break the law to attract attention
Enough motorists will get pissed off just having to share the road with bikes at all. You have the legal right to take the full lane whenever it would be imprudent or unsafe to share it with a motor vehicle.

2) Many pigs are dipsh*ts, and they don't even know the law themselves. Many think you're supposed to ride in the gutter or the sidewalk. You'll get enough harassment from them as it is just following the law. No need to actually give them something real to use against you.

3) The law only requires bikes to keep to the right if they are going slower than the prevailing speed of traffic. But, if most of the vehicles in the street are bikes, THEY are by DEFINITION going at the prevailing speed of traffic! In that case, you should take as many lanes as necessary to accommodate all the riders.

Sure, the pigs may still hassle you, but if they ticket you under these circumstances, you have a good defense in court. Take the case to the judge!

Now if they don't ticket, but instead assault you unprovoked in front of numerous eyewitnesses, and then as is typical, charge YOU with assault, not to worry: You have lots of eyewitnesses! Again, take it to the judge!

All in all, breaking traffic or other laws at Critical Mass adds little but a pretext for legal repression, IMHO.

the critical wuss debate rages on 31.Aug.2002 01:00

Rev. Phil revphil@freegeek.org

I understand much of the history behind the mass, as well as the desire for a peaceful coexistence with cars
(unfortunately they aren't going to be leaving us anytime soon). But I also enjoy the power trip that can only be
achieved by bikes owning the street. Sure, by placing motorists in a adversarial position it may cause some of
them to behave like assholes, but dicks will be dicks. From what I have seen physical car abuse is generally dished
out to the deserving. As for the verbal abuse, I am quite convinced that hurting people's feelings is a
Constitutionally protected right. Drivers should feel anger at being harassed. If they are showing anger it is quite possible that they are feeling guilty. Complacency is rarely associated with changing people's behavior.

It seems like there are plenty of ways to be nice to people. I want to enjoy it for the feeling of power that comes
from a collection of organized, motivated cyclists.