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A Child's Wisdom

from the bush protest
A Child's Wisdom
A Child's Wisdom
when i saw this beautiful and delightful sight at the protest, i felt my heart leap with hope. here was this small child barely able to carry this sign that towered over her small frame. but was she determined! i watched as she would nearly drop it and then push it back up to try and lift it high.

when i heard about the ugly and horrific way that some of the children at the protest were peppersprayed i thought about this little girl and her big message, her large sign and her huge heart.

i wondered how anyone could be so small minded, have so narrow a vision and such microscopic thinking that they would deliberately chose to violate the innocence of the children who are the voice of tomorrow.
OH, For Christ's Sake! 30.Aug.2002 12:04

Mad Republican madrepublican@hotmail.com

Oh how beatiful...some lil' munchkin carring a sign....?

And you make it out like she really knows what the sign says....PUHLEEEEZE!

If it was a dirt-clod, she would be sporting that around too, but you have to prostitute this kid into supporting your beliefs, and ideals...

Oh, the huge heart...Oh, for crying out loud!

You should be ashamed at yourself for letting this kid in a HIGH-POTENTIAL confrontation with the fuzz, in the first place!

Small-minded? Narrow-vision...I think it is you, and your years of looking thru life in a half-baked haze...into thinking you are the Dancing, Peaceful, Rose-colored, Idiot!
Go back to your commune hippie!

It takes all kinds!

email me at:

visit me at:

You Socialist Jack-asses are something else!

Never Running away! The Mad Republican!

Que sera, sera 30.Aug.2002 16:43


When I was just a little girl, I asked my mother, would I be safe? would I be happy? would I be healthy? would I BE?

All children want safety. All children want to know that they will have two parents, food, clothing, education, and a chance to become their full potential.

If the present administration continues its unilateral quest for absolute domination, there will be no country on Earth where the word "American" equates with anything other than injustice.

If "Mad Republican" is representative of the party, then we must all surely vote anything but Republican because this person's hostility is exactly what makes it impossible for people to create peace.

The administration is playing a power game, but when I grew up, I did not learn that might makes right. When I matured, I realize it takes very sensible, fair-minded people to sort out big differences. Only those who are completely selfish believe that they can do whatever they want. Look at our country: corporations with criminals running them, pharmaceutical companies selling poisons as medicine, agroindustrial empires trying to patent seeds and indigenous plants and knowledge.

The two largest countries have stated their non-support for a U.S. attack on Iraq. The Swedish foreign minister has urged the issue to be referred to the United Nations. Only those with something to hide are afraid of the outcome in a mediated discussion.

This little girl has everything to fear. She has been born into a time in which her rights are being taken away, in which she has to fear every day for an attack on her country by people who hate us. How can this become anything but worse until we renounce might as a means of solution?

join us mad republican! 30.Aug.2002 17:49

peace rebel girl

mad republican - i don't often respond to comments that are as ignorant as the one that you've posted here. but if we are going to educate one another then YOU are a good place to start.

point number one:

of course this she understands! the child in the photo is about 2-3 years old. this is such an impressionable age where our values get passed on to our children, for better or worse. mad republican, i am hoping that you do not have children. children are quite intuitive and intelligent, and excuse me, she knows full well the difference between being a child of love and peace versus being one of ignorance and violence. it is you, mad republican, who does not really know what the sign says, or means.

point number two:

you bet she has a huge heart, 100-thousand times the size of someone such as yourself who belittles, dehumanizes and votes republican.

point number three:

ashamed? i am not the child's mum, but i am an ashamed to be an american that lives in a country where mad republicans are in charge and doing atrocious things to the planet, including giving orders to the police to pepperspray innocent children.

point number four:

sorry to disappoint your stereotpe of peaceful protestors, but half baked i aint. in fact, my mind is quite lucid and i am also compassionate, and have much for you with your malice-filled heart.

point number five:

You are right about a few things! i love to dance and i am quite peaceful, but i threw off my rose colored glasses a long time ago and traded them in for the truth. BUT, i am still an idealist, and know that there is hope, even for someone with a hardened heart, such as yourself.

point number six:

you're wrong about the hippie commune, though i have strongly considered living on the land with a group of likeminded folks who are striving to make the world a healthier more loving place.

Yes! "It takes all kinds" of peaceful people who are willing to rise up and speak out. drop this silly temper tantrum of yours and join us!

Make the military forces act responsibly. 03.Sep.2002 20:56

Elspeth beugse@hotmail.com

The title I just wrote is really only a way to grab peoples attention. After logging on a little late, I must say to those who have the same views as Mad Republican, about children at protests.. Any parent with common sense would not bring their child to a protest that may be violent. These children in Portland were with parent(s) that were viewing this chance to protest as a peaceful, but informative one. Also, since their was no pre -thought to making this protest a volatile, I'm sure these parents were under the (unfortunate) assumption that, the riot-hate filled -order taking monkeys (Portland Police)WERE SNAKING THEIR WAY THROUGH THE CROWDS TAKING STOCK OF WHO WAS INVOLVED. Now, in a Utopia, we would have responsible citizens making sure that children were unharmed in these situations. The Portland PoPo are citizens as well, and they chose to not pay attention to the crowd and to who exactly , was in that crowd. I think, Mad Rep. (and others like Mad) that you would feel equally jaded by what happened, and demand that these "citizens" of the Portland area do better next time, or fear being tarred and feathered. These parents involved with their children on a22 were doing what all " good Republicans and Americans" (or so says the MAN) do each Sunday- take their kids to their place of worship and teach them good ethics. These parents just choose to do what I do, make the streets their teaching grounds. My son has his own opinions and views from my husband and I. But he always listens to others, respects other views, and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER has hurt another human. Because we all choose to think before we act. Maybe everyone should.

Children at Protests 29.Oct.2002 16:55

-pretzel pretzelsalt@yahoo.com

I would like to comment about all of the anger around people bringing children to protests. First off the protest that happened on Aug 22 was about standing up agains war and the man who was using tax payer money to fly on AF-1 accross the country to raise money for republicans. The protests in recent times had been very peaceful - there seemed to be an understanding between the people of this city and thier employees (the cops) - the riot gear was NOT expected - and niether was the gass and bullets. If I have to hear anymore about bottles and rocks (of which there were none) I will loose it. We were dressed in casual attire it was the cops who showed up ready for a war that was not offered up.
So the question remains. . .Should we be teaching our children? Should we let them also take part in this failing democracy? Should they see what it means to be a part of thier country with a voice? Or should we hire a sitter and have them learn what micky mouse would like them to know - perhaps plug them into a vidio game or have them watch survivor? Of course NOT! Children have just as much right to stand with thier parents to protect the trees THEY will enjoy the shade of if someone is there to protect them. I think haveing the next generation learn that they are a part of this world and they do have a say is as important a lesson as they come. It is just as outraging that an adult should be sprayed and shot for no reason as it is that a kid should have the same happen. We are only practicing our rights with and for the people we love.
*oh - and to the angry not leaver above - how is that child holding the sign any different from a child in a nike jersey? You must start the lessons early.

Protesting 09.Apr.2004 22:27


I honestly don't think that the child had any understanding of what she was doing there. She might have just been there because her parents took her with them. It is true that young kids are more impressionable, but do they really have a mind to think for themselves at the age of five? And though I do not agree with pepper spraying little kids, I also do not agree with bringing them to protests that could possible turn to violent rioting. I would advise the parents to get a babysitter next time.