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9.11 investigation

Mike Ruppert on KPFK

A lot of great URLs and info here.
Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2002 1:11 AM
Subject: Mike Ruppert on KPFK 8-27, 4-5pm

Mike Ruppert will be interviewed on Pacifica radio station KPFK,
90.7 FM Los Angeles, which can be heard throughout most of
Southern California. The program will be aired Tuesday, Aug. 27
(tomorrow, as this is written), from 4:00 - 5:00 PM Pacific time,
with host Michael Slade.

The facts unearthed by Ruppert and other 9-11 researchers are
a very serious obstacle to the unelected fascist junta that has
seized control of the United States. The facts indicate that
the junta had foreknowledge of the 9-11 attacks, and took steps
to guarantee that the attacks would be successful.

Consequently, Ruppert is almost never heard, or even mentioned,
on the censored U.S. media. The program will be recorded and
made available over the Internet, for those not in broadcast
range of KPFK.

9-11 -- The most significant facts:

o The Bush administration ordered the FBI not to investigate
the funding of terrorists by the bin Laden family and other
wealthy Saudis.

o The Bush administration announced the October 2001 war on
Afghanistan at a diplomagtic meeting in Berlin in July, two
months before the event -- 9-11 -- that they later told us
was the reason for the war.

o The unprecedented quantity of sell-short stock orders on
United and American Airlines in the three days before 9-11
was placed through a company recently run by a high official
in the CIA.

o Contrary to longstanding and _automatic_ protocol, jet
fighter planes were not immediately sent up after the hijacked
airliners. The only thing that could have _prevented_ the
launching of interceptors was orders from the White House.
While the junta claims that no fighters were available on short
notice, the website of Andrews Air Force Base, 15 miles from
the Pentagon, said that they were; after 9-11, the website was
changed, and that statement was removed!

o Surveillance camera pictures show that something much smaller
than an airliner hit the Pentagon, and carried a high-explosive
warhead that made a white flash, not a yellow kerosene jet fuel
flame. Yet the Bush gang told us it was an airliner and that
they'd found the debris from it (which was never shown to the

All of this evidence points straight to the Bush Junta and to
the CIA, which was "formerly" run by GHW Bush. It proves that
they made the Second Reichstag Fire (WTC) happen. If it becomes
public knowledge, it will rid American politics of the Nazi Bush
family once and for all.

A superb one hour lecture by Mike Ruppert, tightly edited by
Kellia Ramares and Bonnie Faulkner -- the producers of Pacifica's
Guns and Butter program -- can be found here:


It's 28343363 bytes (28 MB) long, and downloads via cable or
DSL Internet in 3 minutes, or via 56K modem in 90 minutes.
(After downloading, direct your audio player program to play it
from the resulting disk file.) The show runs for 59 minutes at
an audio bit rate of 64 kbit/sec -- broadcast quality. Please
ask your local radio station to broadcast it.

Here are some of the best sources of information:

Mike Ruppert

Jared Israel

Unanswered Questions -- Catherine Austin Fitts et al.

Michael Rivero (caution -- right-winger)

Analysis and background -- Richard K. Moore and John McMurtry

 http://groups.google.com/groups?selm=9um0h7$2oc8$ 1@pencil.math.missouri.edu

 http://groups.google.com/groups?selm=9or2sf$2r9p$ 1@pencil.math.missouri.edu

 http://groups.google.com/groups?selm=a1n33r$1iok$ 1@pencil.math.missouri.edu

 http://groups.google.com/groups?selm=a1vt29$1bml$ 1@pencil.math.missouri.edu








Analysis -- U.S. goal is to subvert and take over Russia and
the rest of Eurasia (to get the oil and everything else).


Misc references


Greg Palast -- How the Bush junta rigged the election and prevented
FBI investigation of bin Laden family terrorist

Response to pseudo-Left critics

End the Mystery 29.Aug.2002 21:54


this connects all dots, threads into rope, and don't change nothing. truth is whatever

Caution- "right winger" ? 30.Aug.2002 13:20

Caution- "right winger" ?


Caution- "right winger" ?

caution, I can think for myself.

we are divided on purpose and I cation you
unless we see this no people will ever be heard.

wake up its us(the people) against them (the powers that be). A-hole.

Caution--Right Wing Phony Populism 30.Aug.2002 14:54

Fight the Right

"we are divided on purpose and I cation you
unless we see this no people will ever be heard.

wake up its us(the people) against them (the powers that be). A-hole."

The Right Wing in this country are the Powers that be, A-hole. Who the fuck do you think is in power right now--in either the Democrat or Republican Parties? Liberals?!

Right Wingers in America have one agenda: promoting American nationalism. That is why they are always invoking this phony populist "let's unite the people, beyond left or right" bullshit. YOu want to unite the people alright, just like Hitler and Mussolini did--in order to support your "democratic" fascistic agenda, and follow your Right Wing leadership.

Incidently, this pseudo-populist rhetoric about "moving beyond left or right" that Right Wing manipulators are always invoking is disturbingly similar to the kind of appeal that Hitler made to the Left wing in Germany during his rise to power there.

Hold on a Sec.. 30.Aug.2002 17:23

No Excuses

Right and Left are just labels created to itemize belief systems. Through the obscure science of Patapsychology, it has been proven that no average Right Winger or Left Winger actually exits. To lump all members into a group and then call them fascists or Communists is a fallacy. Labeling people like this is one of the reasons for the twisted politcal climate we find ourselves in. Hitler and his buddies were successful in convincing Germany to pigeon-hole Jews in this way. Don't make the same mistake in doing the same to the Left or the Right.
The current administration of this country includes several Power-hungry sociopaths intent on erecting a Corporate-Fuedal ruling structure. Mike Rupert has exposed some of their more public crimes. All humans on this planet have an interest in this information, lets not alienate anybody.