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Rally Against Old-Growth Logging, Sept. 5th

The "Moose Matrix" old-growth timber sale is scheduled to be auctioned off on September 5 in Sweet Home, Oregon. Come and join the rally against old-growth logging in this pristine area.
Rally Against Old-Growth Logging
Moose Timber Sale Auction
September 5, 2002

Sweet Home Ranger Station, Willamette National Forest

Carpools leave Eugene at 7:30am sharp on Thursday Sept. 5
from the Growers Market, 454 Willamette St. Eugene

Bring signs, banners, noisemakers, and a passion for intact old-growth forests.

Contact: Cascadia Forest Defenders - 541-684-8977,  forestdefenders@tao.ca

The Moose Creek Roadless Area in the Sweet Home District of the Willamette National Forest contains one of the last large blocks of intact forest in the Western Cascades. Moose Creek is special, in addition to providing drinking water to downstream communities; the relatively intact Moose Creek watershed is one of the last strongholds of the threatened South Santiam steelhead population.

Moose is one of the wildest in the Willamette National Forest. Extremely steep slopes (elevations range from 1,300 ft at the creek to 4,000 ft at the northern edge of Moose Ridge) contribute to its rugged nature. The proposed logging on steep slopes could lead to soil compaction, erosion and landslides which can harm imperiled steelhead and drinking water quality.

There are five sales that came out of this 1998 EIS. Moose ATV was a replacement volume sale and has already been logged (25 acres, 0.9 MMBF). White Moose has been sold but has not yet been awarded (173 acres, 10389 CCF). Moose Matrix is slated to be auctioned on September 5 (22 acres, 1782 CCF). Moose Study has been dropped (300 acres, 5.2 MMBF). Moose Cub is awaiting consultation from the National Marine Fisheries Service regarding winter steelhead (294 acres, 4.8 MMBF).

Moose Subwatershed EIS timber sales:
" The soils in the watershed are extremely unstable, extensive slumps and earthflows.
" Moose Creek closed to angling to protect threatened steelhead spawning and rearing sites.
" 200 acres of clearcutting.
" 1.9 miles of new logging roads.
" Home to peregrine falcons, spotted owls, winter steelhead, and spring chinook.

Moose Matrix is scheduled to be sold at 9:00 AM on September 5 at the Sweet Home Ranger Station on Hwy 20 just east of the heart of Sweet Home, Oregon. Moose Matrix cuts the forests at the base of Moose Mountain, the tallest point on the southern rim of the Moose Creek Watershed. Most of the forests in the watershed are mature, born out of the ashes of a very hot stand replacement fire in 1856. However, the sale targets forests with trees that survived that fire. All the units in Moose Matrix are "regeneration", or clearcut, logging prescriptions.

homepage: homepage: http://www.efn.org/~cforestd
phone: phone: 541-684-8977

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citizen7 @att.net

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