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Past Feature - Aug 12th Critical Mass/ILWU Rally

Past Feature - Aug 12th Critical Mass/ILWU Rally
Critical Mass for ILWU solidarity met with police harrassment, union organizer ambivalence

Today a group of thirty-some young people rode in a Critical Mass to the noon rally of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) at the union's hall, to show their solidarity with the workers and their struggle. The ILWU was holding rallies in West Coast cities today to call attention to their contractual struggle with the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA).

From the open publishing newswire: "I just got back from the ILWU rally at the ILWU local 8 on front ave. Along the way, a bunch of people on bikes were pulled over by a NUMBER of police. I saw at least two people get arrested. The cops were (surprise!) remarkably rough. They were also unclear about what violations were being accounted for, but they took people in nonetheless. Down at the rally, it seemed a couple of the ILWU organizers were reluctant to allow some of the non-union activist/supporters in. Ultimately, a number were present inside." [ Read more... ]

A Wobbly writes: "I'm a member of the Industrial Workers of the World. I've been active as an organizer in the Retail/General Distribution industry of PDX for about a year, and currently work in a Retail environment. I also am among those from the I.W.W. who are ready and willing to lend our support to the struggles of others, regardless of the business unionism/anarcho-syndicalism tug-of-war that has hindered the progress of the PDX labor movement. But my experiences from today's action have left me a little bewildered. There was only one place to enter the parking lot of the ILWU's Northwes PDX union hall: a small doorway with a sign stating 'Bags subject to search'. 'O.K.', I thought, 'No telling what a cop or some other thug might bring into this place.'" [ Read more... ]

Reporter arrested
From the open publishing newswire: "Just so everyone knows, I was the guy arrested today during the critical mass. [Pictured in photo, above] It concerns me especially because I felt like at the time I was singled out, possibly because I visibly carried a camera and was taking pictures of the rally. I have been working this summer doing freelance reporting for the Portland Mercury. Just before the ride I turned in a brief on the rally so that it would be published in this week's issue. I decided to go on the ride to see what happened and perhaps see what was said at the rally itself in case there was anything to add to the story." [ Full story with photos ]

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