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a22: bush protest

More A22 Fotos From S. Oregon

I received the following e-mail which gives a url for more photos... check it out

I took some digital pictures during President Bush's appearance in
Medford Oregon on Thursday --- pictures are of the rally/
demonstration/ protests outside. Lots of peace and environmental
statements against Bush policies.

In case you couldn't make it, for your enjoyment, I've posted some of
the pictures in an album at:


If you want to use any of the pictures in a non-profit's newsletter
or journal, please don't download pictures from the above site. Email
me the photo number/title, and I'll email you back the full
resolution digital image.

There are 30 photos in all, lots of variety, and who knows, you could
even see yourself in there.



address: address: state of jefferson

Not able to see anything... 27.Aug.2002 10:57


I can get to the site, but can't get the pictures to come up.

Works here... 28.Aug.2002 04:46


The pics come up just fine here (this is with opera V5 for windoze).

Loved the "don't wag this dawg" pic.
Also the 4th one with the 2 robocops (full frontal, bleaaah those graphic pigs are disgusting !! :-) is one of the more impressive i've seen of them.. those folks are more heavily body armored than in the Army. reminds me of a game called "speedball" back in early computing game days... Bleah.