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actions & protests | police / legal a22: bush protest

A22 alternative action

a different approach at protests
when it's all said and done.........
what was accomplished
bush raised over a million for his buddy
citizens were assaulted and terrorized
the press lied once again

when it's all said and done.........
what was accomplished

i saw one series of pictures that captured my attention
a woman standing face to face with a stormtrooper
a lone action
staring him in the eyes
utter silence
staring him in the eyes

i read a book recently
and no, i don't remember the name
it was about communicating with animals
through thought
one of the techniques was non-verbal praise
accentuating all the good qualities about the
animal you are trying to communicate with

now i might sound like a nut, but i tried one
of the examples with these little ants who were
raiding the kitchen and it worked!

how often have any of us stood at a protest face to
face with an officer and emptied ourselves of hate
and fear and anger and projected non-verbal thoughts
peacefully to one of 'them'
how often have any of us let go of our disgust and
simply locked eyes and hearts and spirits with just
one of 'them'

have we forgotten that
we are them ..............and they are us
They aren't "us" 27.Aug.2002 15:03


"we are them ..............and they are us"

well, no, its not true.

sure, they may be "working class", but they are also have a monopoly on legitmate violence. So, when asked/ordered by their superiors, even if you have really good communication with them (verbal or otherwise) they will still kick your ass. So, let's not forget that.


bag of seeds 28.Aug.2002 10:35

boomerang electricboomerang@yahoo.com

there is no such thing as "legitimate" violence, though I understand the point you are trying to make

you go on to say...when asked/ordered they will kick your ass

that statement is locked in concrete, refusing to accept any other possible outcome - Life is more fluid than that and I have personally experienced different outcomes

when a farmer plants a seed, he/she doesn't expect it to sprout from the Earth immediately

hands "666" a bag of seeds...............try them!
exactly what do you have to lose?