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Puppy Killer of the Week:

Senior HLS Scientist - Dean Rodwell
Puppy Killer of the Week:
Puppy Killer of the Week:
Huntingdon Life Sciences Study #00-4209, TX -34060-151 for Neurocine Biosciences, Inc. Study Director: Dean Rodwell

Pg. 48 of Final Report:

"A treatment related increase in the number of F0 dams completing delivery with stillborn pups was noted in the 10 and 20 mg/kg/day dose group. The litters [were] with live born pups, but no pups alive on day 4, and 21 were increased in the 20 mg/kg/day dose group...An increase in the number of F1 pups dying, missing, and/or cannibalized during lactation was noted in the 20/mg/kg/day dose group. The incidence of cannibalism of the F1 pups corresponded with the daily recovery of Fo dams from the pharmacological effects (sedation) of NBI-34060 [test substance]."

No matter how clinically worded this report is the facts remain, the poison be pumped into these small pregnant animals by "oral gavage" (a big tube shoved down there throat) - caused the pups to be still born, to die shortly after birth, or were eaten by their sick and deprived mother. The barbarity and tragedy of this experiment and several like it were the brainchild of HLS Senior Scientists Dr. Dean Rodwell.

Time to let him have it!!

**Who is he?

Dean Rodwell, mad scientist, an employee of HLS that also now does consultancy work. He is contracted as a study director at HLS and is responsible for particular work orders coming into Huntingdon.

**Contact him at work:

HLS Phone Number: 732-873-2550 Ext. 2000 HLS Email address:  rodwelld@princeton.huntingdon.com HLS Inc., Mettlers Road, East Millstone, NJ 08875

**Personal Details:

Home Phone Number: 972-243-4641 Personal Email:  rodwellde@aol.com Home Address: 3805 Wooded Creek Dr., Dallas, TX 75244-4751

**His Colleagues!

Dean is scheduled for a JOB INTERVIEW this Friday August 30th! Oh my, I hope this isn't news to HLS - that yet another is trying to abandon it. Dean is interviewing for the job of Director of Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology (more of the same type of dirty work noted above) at MPI Research.

Lets send a clear message that "HLS" will follow you wherever you go and continue to haunt you. Tell the below people that they should only hire this ghoul IF and only IF he will no longer have anything to do with HLS. They may need reminding about what has happened at HLS. Dean was and still is a part of this culture of violence.

MPI Research 54943 North Main St. Mattawan, MI 49071 Tel: 616-668-3336 Fax: 616-668-4151

James Laveglia, Executive VP and Director of Research: Email:  jim.laveglia@mpiresearch.com

Bill Parfet, Owner Email:  bill.parfet@mpiresearch.com

Bill Harrison, Executive Email:  bill.harrison@mpiresearch.com

**HIS SCIENTIST WIFE - Gabriela Adam-Rodwell Gabriela works at Mary Kay cosmetics and is on the advisory board for the Center for Alternative to Animal Testing. Surely she could make some recommendations to Dean about his cruel and unnecessary work. She just needs some prompting.

Work Info: Tel: 214-905-6465 Fax: 214-905-6799 Email:  gabriela.adam-rodwell@mkcorp.com Personal Email:  grodwell@aol.com

See a photo of Gabriela at:  http://www.dermato.med.br/iacd/photos/meetings/usa-mar00-02.htm

[And drop Gabriela a note telling her about the healthier and more humane alternatives to Premarin - which we have been told she is taking. Visit www.pcrm.org for more information of this horse-urine "medicine".]

============================================================================ WHAT IS THE PUPPY KILLER OF THE WEEK?

Every week a different company or individual associated with HLS is singled out to receive phone, email, and fax blockades from anti-HLS campaigners around the country. Many companies have severed their ties with HLS after being the Puppy Killer of the Week due to the sheer volume of calls, emails, and faxes from supporters calling, emailing, and faxing repeatedly. So forward this everywhere and play your part in closing HLS! If you'd like to do a disruption, demo, or other action against the Puppy Killer of the Week, go right ahead!


Take advantage of pay phones! Especially with Toll Free Numbers!

**** Get a black fax to send here (or you can just use a black piece of paper and give your target's fax machine a run for its money...or ink!):


you will need acrobat reader to download this. get it for free here:  http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html

**** A great way to block the number that you are calling/faxing from is to dial *67 BEFORE you dial the number. Great for sending black faxes! (Unfortunately doesn't work for 800 numbers)

Also...an idea suggested by one of our supporters:

I have discovered a toll-free and easy way to keep your targets' phone lines blocked up. Comedy Central Inc. has a new television show about prank phone calls, entitled Crank Yankers. On the Crank Yankers homepage (which can be accessed directly through www.comedycentral.com) is a tool called 'Crank-A-Friend.' All you do is enter the target's phone number, name, e-mail address, and then your own name and e-mail address (which can just be made up for discretion). Within seconds, an irritatingly long phone call will arrive at the phone number you specified. It is free to use, legal, and you can drive HLS and their allies crazy with it, especially if done in unison.



After a campaign starts against a partner company of HLS, e-mail accounts that are targeted by SHAC are being blocked. Here is a "work around" that some supporters will find helpful.

Go to the company Web site and use the "contact us" button. Use an asterisk (shift + 8) to fill in the required fields . An asterisk is a "wild card" and the computer form sees it as text. Type or paste message in the comment area and send.

They won't block their company account because they need the business from the web. We can flood their customer e-mail and it's legal.


Some companies have put filters on their email systems that direct email with HLS related terms directly to the trash. Try taking out words like "HLS", "Huntingdon Life Sciences," "SHAC," "Animal Cruelty," etc.

For auto e-mailing, that uses encryption devices that masks who you are:  http://www.animaldefenseleague.com/cgi-bin/mail.html ****************************************************************************

For more info on the campaign to Close HLS, visit:

 http://www.shacusa.net or  http://www.shacUS.net