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I am looking for both video and people who are interested in putting together a video of last Thursday's events.
Video, photos, audio, whatever you might have. I think documenting this event is important and would like to be involved in the production of a video. please contact me with ideas and suggestions.
We spoke of this... 25.Aug.2002 23:34


We talked about this at the editorial meeting on Saturday. It would be awesome to have a CD with comprehensive video, and photos on it.

The conclusion we came to is this:
-We don't have the time right now (sorry :(
-The best way to raise money is just to ask the people in the community to donate like 5$ or less. With their money we give them a cd, and donate the extras they help fund to various sectors of portland that lack the funds to purchase it themselves.

Tell us if you go ahead with it. Finding data won't be hard, complining and cataloging it will be. It would be awesome though, something like a mini-Prague tape :)

In Response to Todd... 26.Aug.2002 00:10

Johannes Ikovit spaceistheplace@earthlink.net

I am willing to put in some time compiling and cataloging but also editing and post-production. I don't have any footage of my own (carrying a big bass drum instead) but you're certainly right; there shouldn't be any problem finding some. If people are willing to donate some time I think a video (VHS) as well as a CD could be made fairly inexpensively. (I like your idea about donating some $ inexchange for a copy of the final product) I think we can do this!