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Organizers and Activists

.f'ing read it
I'm going to rant here, I feel the need to do so. I'm not sure about what i will be ranting at this point but once it takes form I will give it a title that will draw you into clicking on the little link on the newswire.

Organizing, that is something that we all need to be doing it seems. We need to do outreach to people that are already activists and make them organizers. We need to get more and more people to become activists and then organizers. Imagine if everyone at the bush rally were organizers, Imagine if they all came to organizers meetings. (Try not to Imagine how painfully long those meetings would be.) If all those people were organizers we would be able to actually do things. Liek block the hilton for example. I mean if everyone who was at the rally had a chance to distribute tasks between them, such as somemany of us at this intersection so many at that intersection etc..... then we would be able to actually be a threat to the status quo, and probably then get killed by the military... :(

fuck it I'm getting a job and renting a house in the west hills.

I really like the cops so much folks that i don't think you should try to find out the phone number to you local cop watch group, and if your town doesn't have a cop watch group then i don't think you should start one, and if you are walking down the street and the cops are hassling someone I don't think you should stop to see what happens I think you should go along your way because that person will get everything he deserves for not looking rich enough for the cops not to mess with him in the first place. And I don't think you should carry around a small disposable camera where evver you go to photograph police brutality. and if you're with a group of friends and the cops start picking on one of you i don't thinktyou should stick up for your friend, you should just let the cops physically and psychologicly isolate your friend. And i don't think there should be a citizen review board to investigate citizen complaints about the police and if there must be such a group, it should just be a rubber stamp organization that approves everthing that the cops do. And if a cop in your town has the habit of beating up un armed civilians or raping women at gunpoint or raping men at gun point or killing people for an adreniline rush because he is a psychopath i don't think he should be fired, and if he is fired that should be punishment enough and I don't think he should be prosecuted i don't think you should make a flyer that has his name and his address and telephone number with a list of his crimes and post it up all over town, and i don't think you should go to his neighborhood and talk to his neighbors and tell them about the things he has done. And I don't think you should egg his house, slash his tires or run him out of town, and when he goest to the next town i don't think you should go there and do all these things there either and I don't think you should make sure he never gets a job in a police department again. I don't think you should do any of these things because you have the finest police force in the world.
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