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I have lost all respect for Portland's "activist community"
The following attack is on behalf of no one other than myself. I have no intention of representing anyone and their beliefs, ideas, or feelings.
There was a "ROCK Against Racism" that i attended(and helped flyer for)this past Saturday held at the Cascade campus of PCC. Rock Against Racism. Rock Against WHITE SUPREMACY.
No one showed up. Why? I am so fucking disgusted at the extremely low turn out that i officially, as of now, refuse to work with anyone from Portland's white activist scene. I saw hundreds of flyers around town. I saw this event posted on Indymedia for days. I saw people handing out hundreds of flyers at the anti-Bush demo. Kboo announced it. What the fuck???
Oh, i see....its going to take the murder of a womyn or man of color or alternative sexual orientation to get murdered before you fucking react. Is that it? Forget the fact that white supremacist fascistas are organizing in our communities as we speak....no forget it...we cant see them.....so who cares? Is that your fucking attitudes? I wager it is!
Sure you can get over a thousand people to march in the street(or one lane of traffic?) to protest George Bush. Sure you can disrupt traffic. Sure you can yell and scream because you got pepper sprayed by agents of his majesty's reign, but support a community event that brings to light the injustices that NON WHITE PEOPLE face on a daily fucking basis in that very same community, and you get nobody!!!!!! You can live in those very same neighborhoods, become instrumental in rent skyrockets, isolate yourselves and hold no accountability, but make room to waste time fighting for media attention that you think might get word out of "your special cause".....what a crock of shit.
the Portland white activist scene isolates itself more and more everyday, and now you are isolating those who you are trying to "recruit" to your fucking circus of superficiality. As a white person, i recognize these anti racist events as imperative to challenging our white privilage and trying to dismantle institutional white supremacy. These events are also good in that they provide fertile ground for alliance building and dialouge opening, between ALL people.
What kind of social change do you expect to make when you isolate yourselves to your little white activist ghettoes? NONE. Everyone is so fucking busy trying to stop the Bush Regime from accumulating to many powers that might actually erode the rights of the citizens...or...white citizens is it? OH MY GOD! That would be horrible....when it happens to communities of color like it has been since America was conquered, no one pays attention.
The indymedia, so full of stories of poor little citizens getting pepper sprayed, have completely failed in their mission and so have the white activists here in portland. As for the pepper spray, what do you expect when you face off with heavily armed agents of the authoritarian state? Dont complain...either fight or back off. Youre obviously to cushy in your little white worlds to understand this, or there would have been more cops in the hospital.....
On a last note, i think it is about time that white activists start to recognize the very nature of their white privilage, and do something about it. You can jump around from demo to demo that involves huge amounts of people and plenty of media coverage( the hollywood syndrome), but you cannot support a community endeavor to tackle white supremacy, ideological and institutional. That shows me how blatantly you refuse to check your OWN WHITE SUPREMACIST ATTITUDES. I am ashamed of the activism in this town. It makes me wanna fucking puke.
Tantrum? 25.Aug.2002 20:41


Hey..guess what. I bust my white ass volunteering
for all sorts of social/political and shelter
organizations and groups. I am overworked
and can't even afford the time I volunteer
to many of these groups because I have to
work to pay rent
I moved here from one of the most racist cities
in the country where it was a fight almost
daily backing people down about their racist talk.
This was a very tough week for alot of people
in Portland. No group I have worked with
are publicity seeking white folks.
KBOO..drop by sometime and see how hard all
those people work evryday, everyweek.
Have you listened to anyof the hip-hop
programs..maybe the African music program
or the reggae show...?????
You are definatley a person who disregards
others and their efforts. You should be
happy to live in a city with so many
dedicated activists of all ages, races,
religions, economic levels and on and on.
Hey..how about you posting a list of
all your volunteering activities.
Cheap shots and little dots...in your eyes..

Spare us all your white guilt 25.Aug.2002 21:19

Heardenough O'this

Dear mr. "anti" racist,
now that you've made it clear that white people are the cause of all the problems of the world, could you please tell me why you have singled them out as being the only people who did not participate in your love party? Also, did you expect the world to reward your dedicated and unstoppable commitment to end racism by dropping everything to hear a few bands and your vitriolic ranting? Not every party is well attended, no matter how many pieces of paper you stick under windshield wipers. As for white supremacism, you seem to feel that whites are the only people who are empowered to do anything and the victims of racism must simply wait until you can give them their freedom. Could it be someone is overcompensating for his own racist tendencies by heavy handedly accusing others of his secret shame? And as for the "poor little citizens getting pepper sprayed", where the fuck were you? Oh yes, you were busy writing "Dont complain...either fight or back off". Wow, that's some activism. So what's next, "Country against Complainers"?
Before you start in about how no one's cooperating with your crusade, ask yourself why you're even doing it to begin with. Are you really trying to "provide fertile ground for alliance building and dialogue opening, between ALL people" or are you just pissed because you're not getting attention? Your infantile whining reveals a lack of foundation to your "activist" pose. Do you really think your "fellow whites" are all completely oblivious to the effects of racism or else are conspiring to keep it in place while they "jump around from demo to demo", reaping the benefits of "white privelege"? Or is it possible that not as many people came to your function because, as any promoter will tell you, you can't MAKE people come. And since when is racism exclusively about "WHITE SUPREMACY"? Yours is a one dimensional, ultimately bigoted stand on a complex issue which encompasses all races and all nations. Why don't you take a deep breath, examine your values, purchase a globe and catch up with the 21st century. Then you can be more informed while you spend time "fighting for media attention that you think might get word out of "your special cause".....

not ALL *White* 25.Aug.2002 21:28

*anti-racist* obviously wasn't there A22

there were many Arab-American and Palestinian people in the demonstration last Thursday.

obviously it could have been more coherently organized (as could ANY protest), because so many groups in attendance have a variety of grievances and issues with the Bu$h Administration.

but WHOEVER happened to show up on Thursday August 22 has a helluva lot more guts than you--so-called *activist*.
not ALL *White*
not ALL *White*

lighten up 25.Aug.2002 21:38

lowrents of america

Hey lighten up......what's the point of working
and struggling and fighting for freedom if it
makes you so blue.....remember we are all in this
together and many suffer much worse than we do.
Think about the hundreds of thousands of people
in South America living under military regimes
right now.
Thank the fates that Portland at least has a
large group of people who are taking action....
the rest of the country is asleep or too frightened
to do anything! I grew up in Chicago....the most
racially segregated city in the US...the point is
to rise above the pettiness of all of our personal
shit and see that it really IS better when we all
work together and share what we've learned.

To anti-racist 25.Aug.2002 21:58


I agree with you wholeheartedly. There is much improvement to be made by the IndyMedia folks to truly understand their issues and also examine themselves for vestiges of the prejudices they claim to fight. I guess I'm politely trying to say that there is hypocrisy here and many do not want to examine themselves to root it out.

I'm sorry that your event didn't get much of a turnout. It sounded like a good one. As a sometimes critic of the Indymedia scene, I think that people are so wrapped up in their new-found victim mentality ("The police oppressed us!") that they are unable to see other issues. It will be the case for the next few weeks until this blows over.

I think that many here are relishing their newfound victim-status and find it very exciting. Of course their regular causes have slipped by the wayside until "police oppression in Portland" can be dealt with. Notice the almost complete absence of any non-police issues at the moment on Indymedia.

I would try not to be discouraged in your efforts. I don't know how you did your inviting but you might try inviting a broad section of the community and not just IndyMedia folks in the future (churches, refugee orgs, college campuses, etc.)


Dear unbelievable! 25.Aug.2002 22:33


You are a fucking idiot, go fuck yourself! You are the only one in the world I hate! go fuck yourself again!!!!

Will Protest for Food 25.Aug.2002 22:53

T-Bone Slim Jr.

If you had offered to pay, you may have gotten more people. The going rate is $15.00 per hour.

Why I didn't go and probably wouldn't 25.Aug.2002 23:22

anon because you are angry

1. I don't like Rock music or music played with guitars
2. I don't think Rock concerts, Punk concerts, or other youth oriented/pop culture events have anything to do with a sustainable intelligent activist movement
3. The structure of popular music itself is further indoctrination, consumerism, and capitalism in the bad sense of the term [see Adorno's article On Popular Music]
4. I never saw a flyer for it, and when I saw your posts I didn't bother to look because I really wouldn't want to make myself suffer for someone elses bad music tastes.

A march for justice for African Americans, organizing Latino workers, marching and working with the Arab anti-discrimination organization, letter writing, civil rights marches, those all sound appealing. Poorly written simplistic bubblegum spewed out by the machines of culture does not sound appealing.

Response from an indymedia volunteer 25.Aug.2002 23:23

Jeremy David Stolen fellowtraveler@riseup.net

"an anti racist" said: "The indymedia, so full of stories of poor little citizens getting pepper sprayed, have completely failed in their mission and so have the white activists here in portland." And Paul said: "Notice the almost complete absence of any non-police issues at the moment on Indymedia."

I'm sure you both already know this, but the fact that portland indymedia is so full of stories about the bush protest right now is because that's what people posted here. Volunteers for indymedia don't have an control over who posts what. Many people help spread the word about indymedia (including the corporate media this week, oddly enough) through word of mouth, flyers, emails, etc., but, judging from the content of the site, it's still read mostly by white folks. Portland is mostly white folks, so that makes some sense, but certainly the site could be promoted as a resource to a more diverse community, and further efforts could be made to bring the content off the web into other formats for those without internet access (such as print projects and public video showings). If anyone is interested in helping with such outreach, they shouldn't wait for permission -- they should just get out there and do it. Or if they would like to organize with people already volunteering, they could contact them through the various emails (at  http://portland.indymedia.org/contact.php3) and see who wants to get together and work on something.

Paul also said: "There is much improvement to be made by the IndyMedia folks to truly understand their issues and also examine themselves for vestiges of the prejudices they claim to fight."

I agree that most white people in the U.S. aren't fully (or at all) conscious of their own prejudices, their own acts of discrimination, and their own contributions to institutional racism. I would also add that most straight white men in this country are similarly in the dark about sexism and homophobia, and that most would not prefer to think about it. This lack of a personal experience with oppression is a large factor, in my opinion, in the apathy toward these issues that most straight white men have, including activists. It's part of the reason the Rock Against Racism was poorly attended, I'm sure.

Just so you know, among the Indymedia volunteers I know, there is a wide spectrum of consciousness and beliefs about these issues, with some people being more awake/aware than others. For example, there is not consensus on how to deal with many issues such as racist posts on the newswire. That you paint everyone involved in "Indymedia" (whatever that is, I say honestly) with the same brush stroke tells me that you must not have met or talked to many of the people I know. I suggest you come around again sometime and see what you find. Indymedia is a work in progress.

Finally, let me stress -- as someone who's been active with Indymedia for over two years, not just here -- that Indymedia is not an organization so much as it is a tool. Anyone can use it. Anyone (with a computer) can post. Anyone who wants to take the content off the site and distribute it in some other form (non-commercially) may do so. Anyone who wants to see it include a greater diversity of issues can post them.

I would love to see the Indymedia tool used by more people. Currently, the portland site is one of the most active in the U.S., and that's great. It can still get better obviously, and there's always room for more people to help make that happen. If you want to see that happen, get involved. The door's open.

re: posters 26.Aug.2002 00:22


Re: paul

victim mentality? . .you got it wrong dude

This aint a funeral march bub, Thursday was a victory!. . .

Most everyone I know is feeling energized and thrilled to make some noise against Bush, enough so that the whole nation has taken notice. This is an important moment that marks a regaining of some of the momentum that was lost since Sept 11th.

It is unfortunate that the Rock Against Racism event followed so close on the heels of the A22 protest. There is much work to do following a large protest. It does not just end when everyone goes home. Many people are still hard at work, dealing with legal issues, collecting video footage, editing it, etc. This is important work which you do a disservice by labeling it a victim mentality.

Re: the original poster

Having poor attendance, frustration is understandable. Racism and White Supremacy, and the ways all of us have been shaped by it is a vital issue that does need constant examination. It is often avoided because it is unpleasant to look at the face of the oppressor within. Racism and White Supremacy do seem to attract less people and that is an important point. However, i too do not care for loud rock/punk music, and so even if it wasn't on the heels of A22, likely would not have gone.

Pdx indy has had good coverage of the Walk for Farmworkers, and has been covering PCUN, and the Taco Bell protests. Step by Step, connections are made to other communities, and that is a good way to oppose racism by building a diverse community. Don't give up.

sorry you feel that way 26.Aug.2002 01:43

not quite white

man, sorry you feel that way. why? Cause people need to work together, especially in the "activist" community. who am i? Some dude who may or may not have new neighbors in "his" neighborhood maybe raising rent.... (maybe think about the *landlords* instead?) But I know these folks doing things like Thursday's protest are fighting a good fight.

Of course it's a complicated issue. Racism, and all the issues protested Thursday. So, let some white kid go fight in the streets and not show up at some Rock show. I for one am glad that kid did. sorry to lose you from supporting "them", whatever "them" means. And thank you for working against Racism.

in regards to music 26.Aug.2002 02:19

riansnider riansnider@yahoo.com

Well, being in a "rock" band I feel urged to reply that I can understand if you don't like rock or guitar driven music but I would hope that you understand that not all of it is "poorly written simplistic bubblegum" or "machines of culture" etc., etc. Many bands, especially those locally, actually have a real political message and hardly doing it just to get money. Further more "punk" (or a gutted, brainless, watered down version of it) may be in the spotlight now but what could be called "true punk" has been a underground, primarily political movement for twenty-five years and is not exactly "pop culture".
Thank you for your time,
Rian Snider

Was the event well planned and publicized? 26.Aug.2002 04:31

I was there...

I was there. The turnout was pathetic, I agree.

Before going on your rant, I wonder if you addressed how the event was organized before blaming everyone who didn't show.

I'm usually in the loop for stuff like this: I'm on email lists, I get lots of announcements of stuff in the mail, I go to lots of actions, but I barely heard squat about this event. No one ever handed me a flyer, I didn't get an email, and I only saw a few posters in one neighborhood. I suspect that the publicity was kinda lacking.

In terms of event planning, mid day on a Saturday seems like a tough time for lots of folks, and conflicting with a good event (Civil Liberties forum) probably didn't help.

The event itself--I went, but didn't feel like it was too important to do so. It seemed that most of the organizers and attendees were white, there was actually little to no education going on (at least while I was there), and it was really hot.

The event was a concert, not a political rally. I'm not sure what the point was. It was not a march against racism and police brutality. It didn't seem supported by people of color in the neighborhood. It didn't educate white people about racism, or the rise of neo-nazi activity in the area. On the other hand, the Civil Liberties forum, by no means a perfect event, seemed like it had way more publicity, had lots of groups signed on, and did some educating on attacks on civil liberties (with lots of focus on attacks on people of color--namely immigrants and Arab-Americans)

I was dissapointed in the turnout too. But I think it's important to address all the possible reasons that people didn't show, before blaming them.

This sounds a little like the organizers of the Green Anarchy tour, who blame the tour's failure not on the shitty organizing, but on people's incorrect politics or naivete.

Organizing events 26.Aug.2002 07:53

Chuck0 chuck@tao.ca

I'm sure that many of us felt like the person who posted this rant at one time in our activist years. It takes a little experience and maturity before you figure out that complaining about poor turnout at events does precisely ZERO to get people to attend future events. People will attend events that are well-planned, interesting, and have had lots of outreach. Another thing that you learn through experience is when and where not to have an event.

If lots of people were exhausted after the anti-Bush protests, they are going to stay home and not go to concerts. This is why you seldom if never schedule a concert or dance after a major day of protest. Perhaps the night before, but never afterwards.

As for the Green Anarchy tour, the problem there is that such an ambitious project probably required more advanced organizing and fundraising. The problems that this tour experienced stem from resource issues, not planning.

Lack of immediate threat is the issue for me 26.Aug.2002 09:47

No-Doz Bukowski

Like a lot of other white activists who are posting on this topic, I've bled for civil rights issues for fifteen years. I did my time fighting skinheads in the street, and it was a wise tactic at the time. Today, I don't feel it's productive to fight that cause that way. Nazi skins have been pretty effectively driven underground in the major urban areas that served as battlefields in the 84-88 race riot period, so our job is done.

Also, I don't dig the local punk music.

If there were an immediate, material threat in the area of racist activity in Portland, I'd probably make the scene. The immediate threat right now goes way beyond one issue or one group of people - the whole country is about to be locked down in an endless police state that cares more about ideology than ethnic groups. So I'm out protesting Bush, in hopes that we can turn public opinion against him before it's too late.

5000. - N.

There was a sale at the mall. 26.Aug.2002 10:34

Made Up

The whole structure of rock concerts is hierarchical. Them up there, us down here. Them with the loud speakers, us listening.

I prefer one on one interaction.

Racial, sexual and gender minorities can not influence the white activist agenda through rock concerts in any meaningful way.

Racial, sexual and gender minorities struggle to find voice in the more visible contemporary activist movements which are primarly white heterosexual and male. How we can do that has yet to be decided. But it's true that these issues are ignored in favor of issues that affect white Americans. The left seems to have abandoned what has now been tritely termed, "identity politics."

Bush is a symbol of America and oppression. Arguments about protesting him could go either way. But there is no reason why sexual, racial and gender minorities couldn't join in. But we don't for the most part.

Why we don't should be of utmost importance to white heterosexual male activists. Without us, you will not succeed. Without us, if you do succeed, you will become the very thing you were protesting in the first place.

Reply to Rian 26.Aug.2002 12:33


Much music has good lyrics, but is just too loud and I can never hear the words. It is just a big jumble of sound that makes my ears hurt. I stopped going to such concerts. They do not reach a wide audience for this reason.

Thin Skinned 26.Aug.2002 13:22

The Citizen citizen@citizenspokane.com

Thin Skinned?

The rant on the front page is why responsible people don't show up for your little guilt parties. Your foul mouth and blanket condemnation is the mark of a rank amateur. Boo-hoo...no one showed up for my pet project! Sorry pal but anyone would have known what a bad time this was for such an event with summer ending, school starting etc...SO why didn't you?

People...ALL people of all colors, races, religions, and slants need to get smart and stop all this crap. The fact is that the race card is worn completely out! The fact is that the government is turning into a police state and when they run out of one group to terrorize, they move to the next. We are all being bent over the barrel now and we all need to forget our looks and other differences and ban together to stop this maniacle occupational regime in Washington D.C. or the Republic will be lost forever. A nation of laws that does not pander to one group or the other is the only way to have equality and not this garbage of Democracy/Mobocracy.

I am old enough to remember the day Mumia got arrested, the day the MOVE HOUSE was bombed and burned, the day WACO got torched, and I was at the WTO so you go figure how many decades I have been an activist if you know your history and can do the math. Go whine to someone else about your concert flop because you ain't gettin any wind here!

so-called *Rock* *Concerts* 26.Aug.2002 13:29

who cares anymore

what's left of "rock" music has become a tool of authoritarian corporate control (just like cinema has). either that, or conveniently archived nostalgia of various compartmental eras & genres bygone.

and its "radical", "underground", or "rebellious" relevance to society/power structure at large has LONG AGO ceased to exist.

the only music worthwhile anymore is your OWN GRASSROOTS FOLK--



it's awesome to see this kind of music show up as part of demonstrations such as A22 here in Portland.

(and, of course jazz & improvised music, America's only original creative art form of the 20th century which continues to be ignored and disparaged--even ol' Wynton Marsalis himself just got fired from his Columbia Records contract. This statement is not "bitterness"--it's bare **FACT**. Please appreciate and support your local Portland jazz artists)
so-called *Rock* *Concerts*
so-called *Rock* *Concerts*

You're Right, Now What? 26.Aug.2002 14:26


hey, anti-racist. you're right. the activist "community" is generally very white and privileged. (including me and you, i'm guessing.) and racist, too, judging from the don't-blame-whitey vibes in many of these responses. now what? trashing the community isn't going to bring it any closer to understanding its weakness. neither will white people congregating with other white people--either at the bush demo or at an "anti-racist" concert.

The Music 26.Aug.2002 15:22


The Music/Spoken Word at RAR was diverse and really good. The information being shared and dispersed was equally as right on.

All of you who've made presumptions that it was some sort of White event missed the performances and the intent altogether and just induced a great deal of white priveledge to disregard a great deal of issues based soully on the fact that they "don't have to" deal with them.

These sorts of events are crucial to everyone that could possibly be involved. White kids in regards to accountability in the community and networking and coalition building with groups and individuals of color in the communities. The (neighborhood)community as a whole in order to forge bonds with each other and find new ways to get along and new ways to fight the system and to examine together the impact certain issues have across color lines and in terms of class issues.

I'm sure that's why our brother who posted this is upset. So many blatantly blew off the potential within this event to make those connections. Which really is sad.

How do I buy this sense of entitlement? 26.Aug.2002 15:54

what do you consider white?

I don't think you have to be white to find UNBELIEVABLE frivolous, clueless and childishly arrogant. I've been to many actions over the years, where numbers ranged between 3 and 3000. I've never begrudged those not present because I assume they are dedicating their time and energy to issues that are important to them, many of which are important to me too but which are not my primary focus. I don't feel entitled to peoples' attendance and am mystified by those who seem to assume such an entitlement.

The best thing to do when you've planned an event that does not have the desired outcome is to try to better organize work and message to seem more accessible and compelling to those interested but not participating. It's mundane, often tedious, slow like water torture. But the only thing to do is just keep working, hopefully learning from past missteps.

Complaining won't garner more participation, likely just the opposite.

maybe no one's interested 26.Aug.2002 16:11


in a new brand of racism and sexism and more stupid ultimatims and false dichotomies. racism and sexism are tools used by those in power to divide us into manageable cross sections. people constantly making disparaging remarks against white people, pretty much just'cuz they're white, and males, just 'cuz they're male, are just as actively participating in this handy dandy sexist/racist alliance crusher as those trying to demonize muslims, mexicans, african-americans, gays, lesbians, transexuals, women....

lets get this straight 26.Aug.2002 22:33


The only music worthwhile is folk/grassroots music made with your own instruments and voices/lyrics ? Except for jazz made by Marsalis and such ?

Come on....be realistic. And what exactly defines terms like "Folk", "grassroots", "own instruments", etc. ?
Early rock music was folk by any definition. White hillbillies listening to black R&B, and even partying with black people, in the early FIFTIES, fer cryin out loud. So was early Punk music...so was "Industrial" music, using the sounds around them to recreate and re-arrange sounds they felt were important and relevant to their lives.

Can any of the records of the greats, Sun Ra, Coltrane, etc. be defined as anything other than folk music, even the wild, elecrified, insane stuff they were putting out like 35 years ago ?

Look, my point is this: Angry kids banging away at music, political or otherwise, are going to look for a form that suits their enviornment, that they feel conveys what they are trying to say well.

That's why I'm happy to see ANYONE playing ANY kind of music THEMSELVES, even if I can't stand that type of music, personally. Now, the odds are pretty slim that what they are going to be playing isn't going to be watered down, but, you know, people will always, always, make music with the tools avaliable around them, whatever those tools may be, and, you know ? That' ok.

Why do you think deathmetal and really aggressive political punk/thrash stuff is so big in the 3'rd world right now ?

Aww, forget it, I'm going to go back to playing some old Hubert Sumlin licks on this crummy elecric guitar...

umm 27.Aug.2002 08:42

yeah . . .

"of the greats, Sun Ra, Coltrane, etc. be defined as anything other than folk music"

that was sort of THE POINT of the above post. Hubert Sumlin and down-to-earth R & R would also be "folk" music.

(btw Wynton Marsalis is NOT essential to jazz--there's so many others out there. He was simply mentioned because he's well known and he happened to lose his Big Recording Contract recently.)

the BAD STUFF is corporate totalitarian "Concert" Rock.

I LOVE TO listen to WHITE PEOPLE ARGUE... 27.Aug.2002 11:46

I am not White

Because they it is kind of funny if it weren't so sad. Self-righteousness. Moralizing. Specious Arguments. Political Manipulation. But underneath it all is a common agenda and issue: White people deciding and bickering over political power and control.

What issues and political events deserve attention? What political concerns are the most important? What is the best way to oppose Bush, the US Terror War, the American police state, racism or white supremacy? Etc... Etc...Etc...

Who cares?

That's not the real issue beneath all this rhetoric, debate, and political posturing.

The real issue is about what White political faction or group currently has power to determine and set the political agenda.

I know you White People better than you will ever know yourselves...

shhh. Nappy nap. 27.Aug.2002 12:06

Payton Farquar

Two things-
First, get a dictionary. They can be found in most bookstores but if you are as broke as the rest of the ARA pinheads I've encountered, the library is a great place to start.
Second, and perhaps more important, wash. I can smell you out here on the east coast.
Now go back to your glory hole, we'll let you know when it's safe again for White people.

people of color destroy the environment 27.Aug.2002 12:35

Evelyn Wright Beekman andrei14ru@yahoo.com

A couple of years back I was a Jew-loving extreme Leftist. The only racist attitudes I had were toward Whites. Like the Jew Susan Sontag, I believed that the White race is a cancer on the planet. Now I am a pro-White, anti-Semitic neo-Nazi.

What makes me a "neo" Nazi? First, the Nazis mixed an inclusive White nationalism with divisive elements of Nordicism and German Nationalism, whereas I reject anything that divides Whites. Second, the Nazis did not aim at global or even European hegemony, but simply wanted all Germans in one state and later some Lebensraum in the East, whereas I believe that decisions must be made for the common good of the whole planet, and such decisions can only be made by a world government -- a White world government. Third, the Nazis did not believe in genocide, but I do -- genocide on a far bigger scale than merely ridding the world of a few million Jews. To quote the old Garbo movie "Ninotchka," this planet needs "fewer but better" people -- billions fewer.

So what changed my mind? Surprisingly little.

You see, before my conversion, I was a "deep" or radical ecologist, a supporter of Earth First! and other such organizations. I was -- and still am -- a deep ecologist because I believe that our present form of civilization is leading to a biological apocalypse. Human beings have always been filthy and destructive creatures. Using nothing more than herds of goats and sheep, prehistoric men created the Sahara desert. Using nothing more than spears and bows and arrows, primitive men hunted countless species to extinction. Modern science has made it possible to understand what has happened and how to change it. But modern technological civilization has only exacerbated the problem by making possible an ever-increasing world population and giving it ever more powerful tools to ravage the natural world. Man-made climactic change, pollution, erosion, habitat encroachment, and the destruction of healthy biodiversity will -- if they are not halted soon -- lead to a global ecological collapse every bit as catastrophic as the asteroid impact that some scientists hypothesize caused the extinction of the dinosaurs. Countless species will disappear and billions of human beings, whose lives were made possible by the technological system, will starve.

What is the solution? We need to create a new, sustainable form of civilization, a civilization at peace rather than at war with the ecosystem on which we depend. We need to stop sawing off the branch on which we sit.

In his book The Fatal Conceit, the Austrian-school economist F.A. Hayek argued that such deep ecological schemes are immoral because the modern technological system supports billions of human lives that could not be supported by a different system. I used to find this argument compelling. But in the end I rejected it for two reasons.

First, billions of people will starve anyway when the system eventually breaks down, and they will take countless other living things with them. Thus our choice is not whether billions of people die, but merely how they will die, which ones will die, and whether they will take other creatures with them.

Second, I just do not value human life as much as Hayek does. I do value human life, but I do not value it any more than animal life. In fact, most human beings are less loveable than animals. Animals simply do what comes naturally, and one cannot blame them for that. Human beings have free will, and most of them choose to act badly, which makes them less loveable than animals in my eyes. Furthermore, even if all human beings were as loveable as animals, the human population is growing at the expense of other creatures. More Africans mean fewer lions, fewer elephants, fewer rhinos. More Chinese mean fewer pandas. More Indians mean fewer tigers. Given the choice between a million Africans and one lion, I would take the lion. Given the choice between a million Chinese and one panda, I would take the panda. Given the choice between a million Indians and one Bengal tiger, I would take the tiger. Human beings are in no danger of extinction, whereas all too many animals are -- because of human beings.

So before I came to neo-Nazism, I had already decided that, in order to save the whole of nature, it is necessary to reduce the human population by billions. What brought me to neo-Nazism is the question "Which people?"

The radical environmental movement is not free of racism. Quite the contrary. It is filled with racism of the stupidest kind. First of all, the environmentalist and animal rights movements consist almost entirely of Nordic Whites. One simply does not find Negroes, Mestizos, and Jews in National Parks or in environmentalist groups. (In California, at least, one does find a few Indians and Orientals.) Yet radical environmentalists are almost all anti-White racists. I certainly was.

Now, there is some basis for this anti-White racism. After all, the technological system that has to be changed is almost entirely a creation of White people: White scientists who unlocked the secrets of nature, White inventors who used science to increase our mastery of nature, White businessmen who created mass-production techniques, and White imperialists who made the system global. Because of these crimes, quite a few goofy White people chuck biodiversity and think the White race deserves extinction. After all, none of this would have happened in a world populated with Australoids or Papuans.

But then I learned five things.

First, featherless bipeds of all races have been filthy and destructive -- not to mention cruel, warlike, and imperialistic -- Australoids and Papuans among them. The great sin of the White man is that he has simply been more successful than the other races. So in fact Whites are not being condemned for their sins, but for their virtues.

Second, a world without White people would also be a world without environmentalists and animal rights activists. It would be a world without the technologies necessary to clean up the environment. It would be a world that never develops, eventually, "Jurassic Park" technologies to restore extinct species to the earth.

Third, I read the Unabomber's manifesto and "Ship of Fools" parable and found his critique of Leftist environmentalism to be compelling. Leftists really are oversocialized and devitalized people who are physically and spiritually unhealthy. They also blur the environmentalist message by linking it to all sorts of traditional Left-wing causes, like improving standards of living in the Third World and sending food to starving people -- measures that can only contribute to environmental devastation.

Fourth, I realized that the dogmatic Leftist egalitarianism of most radical environmentalists leads them to chuck biology when it comes to human beings, but a consistently ecological outlook would require the scientific study of man, which reveals that there are radical differences between the races that are biological and not merely cultural.

Finally, I had never really been bothered by the fact that Hitler supposedly slaughtered six million Jews and twenty million Russians. In fact, I was never really bothered by the millions slaughtered by Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. As Stalin once said, "One death is a tragedy. A million is a statistic." Had all these people survived, the planet would be even more over-populated and over-stressed than it is today. And as for the stories of Nazi medical experiments on human beings, I thought that this was scientifically and morally more defensible than tests on innocent animals. But then I read some attacks on radical environmentalism that tried to smear it by pointing out that the most radically environmentalist regime in history was Nazi Germany. That only raised the Nazis in my estimation and piqued my curiosity to read further. I read David Irving's The War Path and Hitler's War, Butz's The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, Kevin MacDonald's trilogy on the Jewish problem, and Savitri Devi's important manifesto of neo-Nazi Deep Ecology Impeachment of Man, and many other books besides. I was converted.

So what is to be done? What would I do if I ran the zoo?

First, what deep ecologists need to learn is that we do not merely need to control the quantity of the human race, but the quality as well. My objection to Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot is not that they murdered millions of people, but that they chose to murder the best people in their societies, not the worst. Hitler, by contrast, was a eugenic rather than dysgenic killer. That is to his credit. That makes all the difference in the world to me. Since the best people on the planet are White, we should maintain the present White population and then slowly reduce it over time with a eugenically directed birth control program. As for non-Whites: they should be eliminated in mass as quickly as possible.

Second, I admit that I am something of a moderate when it comes to mass killing. Unlike some neo-Nazis out there who dream of exterminating every non-White on the planet, I really do believe in biodiversity. (Although I admit that a world without Negroes would be terribly appealing.) Thus I am all for drastically reducing the non-White population and keeping it within strict limits. And since the Jews really aren't a race unto themselves, but merely a mongrel population that thinks of itself as a race, there would be no harm in eliminating them altogether. Besides, it is the Jews more than any other group who are responsible for the anthropocentrist folly at the root of the ecological crisis, not to mention their other mischief.

Third, it would be folly to turn our backs on modern science and technology, because without them it would be impossible to undo the ecological damage that we have already done. Without them it would be impossible to improve the quality of the White race. Without them it would be impossible establish and maintain the global regime necessary to reduce and then maintain the world population. Finally, as Savitri Devi points out, without them it would be impossible to eliminate the suffering and explotation of animals endemic to more primitive societies. V.S. Naipaul makes a valuable point in mocking the dogmas of primitivism in one of his books on India. He notes that the traditional Indian bullock cart has been improved in all sorts of ways: wheel bearings, springs, rubber tires, etc. Then he wonders if they might find room in it for a small motor as well so the poor bullock can ride in the back rather than pull the cart, goaded constantly by a stick shoved into its anus. Science and technology are not inherently bad. They are only bad if used foolishly. Used wisely, they can be a great boon to all living things, not just mankind. They can allow mankind to assume the role of steward of nature, not just its exploiter.

Fourth, I think that the far Right has a lot to learn about organizing, activism, and self-sacrifice from the deep ecology, animal rights, and anti-globalist movements. Unlike most people on the Right, the members of these groups are quite ready to engage in protests, sabotage, terrorism, and even, in the case of Pim Fortuyn, assassination, in order to advance their cause. If more people were willing to the take risks for the survival of the White race that others take for the survival of lab rats, the Right would be far more effective than it is today. In fact, I urge Rightists to infiltrate these groups in order to learn from them and even to subvert them into advancing our cause.

How do I respond to the charges that what I propose is cruel and inhuman? Given how rotten most humans are, I will gladly accept the charge of inhumanity. I do not think that human beings are the be-all and end-all of the universe, and if that is inhuman, then so be it. Other creatures have just as much right to live as human beings -- more right in some cases. I am not the only person who, if given the choice between saving my dog and saving a rotten human being -- or a million rotten human beings -- would choose the dog. As to the charge of cruelty: I do not propose that billions of people be tortured, I simply propose that they be killed -- "put to sleep" -- in as "humane" a manner as possible, which is far more consideration than they give to lions and tigers and elephants and rhinos and whales. To those who think that even humane killing is cruel, I ask: Which is crueler, allowing the system to collapse of its own weight, causing indiscriminate mass death of human beings, including the best human beings, not to mention the extinction of countless other species -- or avoiding this apocalypse by selectively killing the least valuable human specimens? My way, in the long run, is far less cruel.

Finally, to those who think that this essay is merely an exercise in Swiftian satire: Just try me.

WOW 27.Aug.2002 21:50


Yes Evelyn, some humans truly are on a scale beneath the "lower" animals. Unfortunately, methinks, that you have sunk this low with your misinformed beliefs. If you want to generalize about waste, and the cause of human environmental problems, one need not go much farther than by looking at the creations of the white race. Obviously, you do not understand the capacity of the human spirit, or maybe you lost it somewhere along the way. Possibly, you hung around too many boring liberals and became fed up. Yes, the world may not be sustainnable at its current path, but the solution is not to destroy what you consider, "problems". What you believe is in brutal opposition to the spirit of the planet. I truly hope you find some peace.

We were there if it makes you feel better... 28.Aug.2002 15:59


If it makes you feel better we were there filming, so don't be sad, Volksfront loves you! :) Nothing worse than a cranky universalist, haha!

the uninvited 29.Aug.2002 20:56


I was at the Bush rally with my boyfriend and saw (heard) three different people walk by and hand out flyers for the anti-racist concert. My boyfriend and I are Hispanics and we were amused to find that not one person gave us a flyer, not one person mentioned it, they would talk to the person next to us, look at us and walk to the person on the other side. I felt it first, didn't say anything, then he made a comment about how we felt completly left out. An anti-racism rally/concert for white people only? Well, damn, it seems to defeat the purpose entirely.

You want to know how I found this thread? 31.Aug.2002 08:02


I was reading the link that I posted and I found this. Hey, just gotta do better next time, that's all. Don't give the Nazis anything to laugh at you about, especially if the only way they can get people to go to their rallies is if they have a show themselves.