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School Revolutionary Party

a student organisation for the liberation of schools BY ANY MEANS NECCASARY
school is dehumanizing and cruel. teachers are busy conforming to the system so they can get there sad excuse for a paycheck, administrators see kids as 'punks', and the govt is busy using schools to brainwash children to support the corporations the canidates are put up bye. there is only one way left to change the schools, the student movement. the students must organize and change the schools. we have to revolutionize the entire school system, we need to kick big money and big govt OUT of our schools, and put the teachers and students in charge. join the school revolutionary party TODAY.

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/schoolanarchistparty

Awesome! 25.Aug.2002 18:06


Good luck, and keep the info coming to indymedia.