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Oil vs al Qaeda? A case for impeachment.

The article for this open letter to rense.com is embedded in the letter for relevancy in context. The author would like to reach uncorrupted media sources to start a letter campaign to your congress person, but has no expertise in this kind of publicity. Therefore he would like your assistance in this if his points for impeachment make sense to you considering the track record of the administration in cutting back all programs for the benefit of Americans.
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 21:22:12 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Donald Hart" < bonordobar@yahoo.com>
Subject: Oil vs al Qaeda? A case for impeachment.

To:  jr@rense.com
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Jeff, It seems everything related to what the
administration is doing vis-a-vis Iraq has oil profit
implications, and higher prices for Americans. Have
you read that even talk about invading Iraq has
'current' oil prices above $30.00 a barrel? I saw an
interview on CNBC yesterday with an oil industry
analyst who said that the impact is already
significant even though vacation and other travel has
fallen off, lowering demand.

He said that these artificial increases, and the much
higher prices that would come with an invasion of the
world's 2nd largest oil reserve area will surely more
than make up profits the oil industry has been losing
because of decreased demand. Does this sound like
something the administration would not mind happening
for their oil buddies?

Vladimir Zhirinovskii, the State Duma's deputy
speaker, said that it is unlikely that the U.S. will
take military action against Iraq in the next few
years, the Interfax news agency reported 13 August. At
a Moscow news conference, Zhirinovskii said: "War in
this region is simply impossible since it would result
in global oil prices plunging to $6 or hiking to $60
per barrel. The first of these scenarios means the
collapse of Russia, and the second of America."
Zhirinovskii added that none of the U.S. allies,
including Britain would support a U.S. strike.
Zhirinovskii's comments followed a 10 August agreement
between UN Secretary-General Annan and Russian Foreign
Minister Igor Ivanov "on the need to pursue the search
for a political solution to the Iraqi problem in line
with the UN Security Council's resolutions," AFP
reported. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Italian
Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi also called for a
political settlement on Iraq following telephone
consultations on 10 August, according to ITAR-TASS.
(Kathleen Ridolfo)

From the above remarks, even Vladimir Zhirinovskii
speaks to the "oil" impact when he speaks about any
conflict with Iraq. A terrible impact for our already
troubled economy. Trucking cannot afford to haul food
for your stores or other necessities. You would have
to ride a bicycle to work, if your company has not
collapsed due to transportation or prices. All this so
the administration's big-business buddies can make
huge profits.

If so, this is beyond ruthless greed! Think how many
people in Iraq and in our military will die for greed.
The administration wasn't even elected by the people!
I'm so ashamed of this country being taken over I'm
sure it will take time off our lives from the stress
of feeling helpless. Yet, there is always hope that a
60's style mass protest can happen if our college
students haven't been so dumb-ed down that they can
still evaluate that greed should not be a National

Please have some oil analysts on your program who can
make people aware of the Iraq situation in terms of
money and profit and cost to them, which may be the
most straightforward way to reach people.

Do you remember Nixon's famous words "I am not a
I'm waiting to hear the words from this administration
"We are not traitors."
I think a case can be made for impeachment since the
President is supposed to be the only elected official
who represents ALL Americans, and that is false in
this administration. His administration will sacrifice
any number of American lives and fortunes and pursuit
of happiness for profit and greed of his big-business
associates and the power elite. Would this be grounds
for impeachment? Or, has our country become a
dictatorial state, and everyone else but me is happy,
happy, living without a Constitution, or guarantees of
their rights?

One final point: as a thought experiment, suppose any
annouced purpose of ridding the world of al Qaeda is
just a smokescreen, to divert attention for the use of
vast military resources in the near-east region, not
in 60-some countries around the world that have al
Qaeda bases, including our own. Suppose the fact that
neither bin Laden nor Mullah Omar have been captured,
nor any terrorist cell in America has been broken up
was just a smokescreen to enact the Patriot Act to
intimidate Americans from execising their one-time
right to protest administration malfeasance.

Suppose the real agenda was to gain control of
Afganistan in order to run an oil and natural gas
pipeline from Turknenistan to the Gulf of Oman under
American oil company control. Further suppose that
under the smokescreen of "weapons of mass destruction"
which EVERY country has, the next domino to near east
dominance is to take over the second largest oil
reserves in the world: Iraq. Suppose the next domino
is Iran, under the smokescreen of "weapons of mass
destruction." Suppose the next domino on the big
business agenda is Saudi Arabia, under the smokescreen
that was recently presented to the Nation Security
Task Force, that the Saudis openly sponsor al Qaeda.
You remember al Qaeda? -- North Korea next? no,
because they have no oil.

Suppose that 10 years from now one of you recipients
thinks "wow!, the fellow who wrote that thought
experiment was really prescient. Exactly what he
supposed, happened, and bin Laden and Mullah Omar are
now in the old terrorist home, retired."

In my opinion, al Qaeda was a God send to big oil
business and this administration because they opened
the door to excuses to suppress American public
opinion and media, and to move vast military force to
the oil objectives. Which I also predict means we will
never get funding for research into alternative energy
for automobiles, etc.

But, if you have been watching the exclusive CNN
program on the 64 al Qaeda training tapes captured,
you will see that they have had members in our
military training as marines, etc, and they have our
military tactics manuals, and developed several of
these training methods, beside the fact they don't
waste a lot of time on defense, just offense, because
they don't care as much as we do about
self-preservation, they just focus on the objective
only, which is very thorough in the tapes I've seen.

So, while the administration is going to let us get
killed, in order to focus on their oil objectives, the
forgotten al Qaeda are relentlessly preparing to kill
us. Seems almost traitorist, doesn't it? How about
joining me and thousands more in standing up for us
for a change? Ask your congress persons to start
impeachment proceedings where the real truth will be
forced out.

A loyal listener, and a patriot,
Donald Hart
Impeachment 25.Aug.2002 15:12


Good observations. Truth goes a bit further however. The CIA created and trained Al Queda and were in negotiations with them to run the pipeline through Afghanistan. Negotiations broke down and the rest is now history. Dig through Infowars.com for the references.